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What are we doing with JAC?


Network Owner
Oct 9, 2019
I have noticed a few of you asking what our initial plans are for JAC Gaming and what directive we want to push it in the future. This is totally understandable! Although we don't have all of the facts just as of yet, this thread aims to cover our initial plans (including how donation structuring will work).

JAC was originally made in 2012 and focused primarily on Custom Minecraft Modpacks, and although this isn't totally out of the question for our rework of the community it is out of the question for the time being. This is for two main reasons:
  • Custom modpacks are difficult to market, advertise and redistribute. We have struggled and are currently struggling to find a platform that works well for us to host our modpacks with (originally it was technic but updates to that have made discoverability low).
  • They are difficult to maintain! It is much easier to run a modpack that is externally supported by an already structured development/maintenance team
Now, this does not totally disqualify the options of having custom modpacks revisit the network in the future, and we have been in talks about possibly bringing back some JACGaming originals further down the line.

Instead, we have opted into a structure which priorities FTB modpacks and other popular modpacks (including a few ATLauncher originals). The modpacks we currently have in development or on our list of to do:
  • SkyFactory 4
  • Project Ozone 3
  • Direwolf20 1.12.2
  • Stoneblock 2
  • FTB Revelation
  • FTB Infinity Evolved
We will slowly expand upon these severs as time goes along, and also this list of servers is estimated to be completed around Christmas and will be released modularly over the coming months.

Another question that has been asked recently is how we will be doing our donation system. We will not be honoring previous donations made to JACGaming as these have been honoured and carried over by the current authors of the modpacks that they were designed for. Instead, we will be opting for 4 globalized donation ranks similar to how a server such as Hypixel has structured their donation system, our 4 ranks will carry a certain set of perks across all servers in the network. These ranks will be on a subscription-based system instead of a lifetime purchase one (however sales and special events may present these opportunities). You will still be able to purchase perks per server and these will be on a one-time payment regulation.

We have also directed a little bit of our focus towards Vanilla servers, although this isn't going to be a primary focus due to the practicalities of advertising these kinds of servers, we do have a build server which allows players to create their own world to build in freely, and a minigames server. Both of these servers should be available across all modpacks and versions (eventually), allowing you to hot-swap across modpacks.

Our current chat and tab system is globalized. This has been decided with the community being in a smaller futile state we decided that cross-communication for players would be key, we do plan to make this a togglable option in the future providing servers are populated.

The forum has been fully set up and are now functional, you should be able to create an account from our lobby server (play.jacgaming.com) and you are also able to link your discord account to the server by typing !link in the #bot-commands channel and following the instructions. These will automatically refresh and sync ranks, perks and other information every few hours making our system that little bit easier and more fluid to use.

Please note, a new version of all of our server rules has been published on the forums and you are expected to adhere to these. Although we are not carrying over any server punishments from the Legacy version of JAC, we will also not be accepting the general levels of toxicity that were previously present - this also includes the marketed age brackets. We will be pushing our server to be an "all ages" option rather than a closed community 18+ option like it was previously suggested as. If you have any queries about this then please bring them up with me privately via forum DM or discord.

We are looking for staff! If you are interested in any of the modpacks above then please place a staff application in as we will be doing initial hiring over the coming weeks.

If anyone has any issues or queries with anything in this post then please let me, @Antony or @MrFinsGaming know on discord and we will try to arrange a chat with you to answer them as best as we can!

Many thanks,