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Staff Application Process

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Network Owner
Oct 9, 2019
Staff Rules & Guidelines
Staff are the main heart of the server we are required to keep things straight and in order here are some rules that we expect you to follow if we find that anyone has been breaking the rules set for staff you will be punished Players and staff are equal and we do not get leverage over rules.

Before submitting an application you must fit the following criteria:
  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must have at least 48 hours of network playtime.
  • You must have been part of the community for 2 weeks or more.
  • You must not of had any punishments in the past 2 months.
  • You must have a working microphone and be part of our discord server.
  • You must be available to spend 3-5 hours a week (minimum) on the network.
We understand that applications may be difficult and annoying, so here are some tips on what we look for and how to improve your chances!
  • Always be honest in your application. We do keep logs and records and we will look into them before moving on in the application process.
  • Include previous history if the server has held a reputable standpoint. Please refrain from: "I used to be a co-owner on my friends server which isn't up anymore"
  • Make responses (especially ones marked with 100+) lengthy and grammatically correct.
  • Maintain activity, if we go back to an application (happens often) and you haven't been online for multiple weeks we will think that you are no longer interested in the role!
  • Ensure that we are able to contact you via discord private messages so we can notify you if your application has been accepted.
  • Please do not talk about your application ANYWHERE on the server or discord. This includes staff members direct messages!
  • Be patient! We only ever look at applications as we need new staff members. This is usually the case around holiday periods and releases for new servers - do not be surprised if you don't see any activity on your application for 2-4 weeks after originally applying.
As a staff member you are expected to follow the main server rules as well as additional ones set by the management team:
  1. No using staff privileges to bypass claims or access areas that would otherwise not be accessible by players.
  2. Do not use staff fly or teleport to get around the server or go to friends
  3. No abuse of vanish or staff spectating privileges
  4. No punishing users without having saved evidence prior
  5. Strictly no swearing in chat - staff are meant to be a reflection of JAC-Gaming's standards and it is not good for players to see staff swearing in chat
  6. Understanding the commanding ranks, ensure that you are not messaging people that do not deal with the situation at hand - knowing who to message for what.
  7. No punishing other staff members of players for non-legitimate reasoning (jokes or not)
  8. Staff confidentiality, you must not screenshot, share or redistribute any messages or ideas posted in the private staff chats unless given explicit permission to do so by management.

Here are some guidelines to help set a standard for staff members:
  • Staff Image - It's important that staff maintain an air of responsibility and maturity. Chat spamming, griefing, kick wars, mute wars, random jailing, etc. should not occur.
  • Communication - Please, communicate with each other, use the forums. Teamwork is what will keep this server stable.You must actively take part in discussions as important issues about the future of the server is discussed.
  • Community activeness - Please try to spend at least thirty minutes a day or more if you wish on the server, and 30 minutes on the forums, to keep up with the community.
  • Forums - Please be responsible in the forums, do not flame, insult, or belittle users on the forums. Do not delete threads, lock them. Only delete posts if they're inciting flame wars or are completely irrelevant in an important thread, do not delete them permanently.
  • Player Assistance - If a player is asking for reasonable assistance that you can provide some or all of, do so. Do not wait until someone else gets on, help them out. It's part of being a staff, and helps everyone out.
  • Reporting - If you see or encounter a problem, screenshot it, and make a thread in the forums about it. Don't wait for someone who can fix it to get on, report it immediately, so that they're not swamped when they log on.

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