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Community Rules and Guidelines

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Network Owner
Oct 9, 2019
This is the official thread that enlists all currently active rules, regulations and guidelines to the JAC Gaming Network. Please note that by playing on our servers you are automatically agreeing to these rules and if caught disobeying rules listed may result in your account access to the server being terminated.

1.1 - No Advertising
  • You may not discuss any other servers that are in comparative relation to our server. This does not include talking about Hypixel, Mineplex or other large partnered networks.
  • You are not allowed to post the website link or IP for any server.
  • You are not allowed to use JAC to distribute private discord servers, IP's or website links. This includes the use of mass-DMS on discord.
  • You are allowed to post youtube or twitch links in the #live-notifications and Share Your Creations area's, however, this content must be JAC related
1.2 - Exessive Language
  • Swearing is allowed providing that it is not used in aggressive terms towards another player or staff member.
  • You are not allowed to excessively swear in our server chats. Minecraft is also a kid's game, respect that.
  • "Trash talk" is not allowed on our server chats. It can be seen as aggressive and is only used to aggravate another party.
1.3 - Discrimination and Racism
  • Discrimination of any kind will be taken with a zero-tolerance policy.
  • You are not allowed to use any language that can be classed as "racist" this also includes any edited/shortened versions of words in order to avoid filters
  • Conversations based upon the topics of Religion, Politics, Sex/Gender, and similar topics are not prohibited in our server chats. If you wish to discuss such topics please use our discord voice channels or private messages.
1.4 - Punishment Guidelines
  • Punishment lengths, reasons, and evidence is decided by the acting staff member at the time. This staff member does not have to provide you with any information other than the reason for the ban at the time of the event. If you wish to appeal the decision or find out more then you must follow our Ban Appeals procedure.
  • Do not ask for any punishment (this includes as a joke). Statements such as "mute me you won't" or "just ban me already" will be taken literally and a permanent version of the requested punishment will be executed.
  • Do not try to argue an appeal with the staff member that punished you via discord voice chat or DMS. Staff are strictly prohibited from modifying/removing or editing ban/mute records that were set by them and it must be amended by an additional party.
  • You are not allowed to use another account to bypass a mute or ban (Mute/Ban Evasion)
  • Attempting to "trick" or fake evidence in a report will result in the author being punished accordingly.
  • Do not attempt to fake breaking rules
  • These are rules and guidelines and will not contain every scenario, please use common sense and do not attempt to bend the rules to avoid punishment.
1.5 - Inappropriate Images/Content
  • All images including, but not limited to, self-harm, suicide, terrorism, pornography or nazism are on a zero-tolerance procedure.
  • The #memes channel on our discord, although marked as an 18+ channel is not an opportunity for pornography or related images to be posted.
  • No links that log information (phishing) or links that play loud/flashing content without warning (screamers) are allowed.
  • Sharing, selling or "borrowing" accounts linked with JAC is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to sell any products related to JAC Gaming without management's explicit permission
1.6 - Basic Chat Rules (Spam/Caps/etc)
  • Spamming is not allowed across any of our provided chats (discord included). Clarification on spamming is "the same or similar message being posted multiple times in a short period of time"
  • Exessive use of caps is also not allowed within the network. Please try to avoid using more than 9 characters in caps.
  • No Character Spam, for example, "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii" or "Heeeeyyyyyyyyyy"
  • No Begging for in/out of game resources.
  • Inciting spam or "rioting" is not allowed.
  • No mini-modding, this essentially prohibits behavior which may allow non-staff members to annoyingly intervene players when falsely breaking rules.
  • No staff impersonation, this includes discord usernames and profile pictures.
1.7 - Data Protection and Information
  • All information collected by JACGaming is not shared or sold to any 3rd party associates and requests of such are not prohibited.
  • Do not share personal information about other people without explicit permission, this includes but not limited to: Social Media, Phone Number, Discord Tags
  • Please ensure that any content shared on our discord is royalty-free or you have permission to redistribute (from the author) it in the desired way.
  • No falsifying information, this includes distributing stories containing members of the community without their permission to do so.
1.8 - Cheating and Exploiting
  • No client modifications are allowed to be used on our servers that are not authorized (ask a staff member to confirm what you can and can't use)
  • Unintended use of game mechanics to better benefit yourself in an unfair way DOES count as exploitation and can be punished
  • Duplication of items must be reported immediately and duplicated items must be destroyed by an administrator
  • TP Killing and Trapping is not prohibited and will result in punishment
  • All hacking remarks, DDOS threats, and other illegal/unethical activities will be acted upon as if serious threats.
  • No use of modded items to bypass claims
  • No texturepacks granting you the ability to see through blocks/highlight specific blocks (x-ray packs and mods)
1.9 - Inappropriate In-game Content
  • Phallic symbols or themes are not allowed. This includes creative and survival builds.
  • No inappropriate messages included on signs
  • No inappropriate item names
  • No inappropriate nametags or nicknames for players or mobs
  • No inappropriate welcome messages, claim motd's or clan names/tags
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