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  1. Jack

    Hey there! Also first, hehe

    Hi! Nice to see you have found your way back to us! Hope you enjoy whatever we end up coming up with :)
  2. Jack

    What are we doing with JAC?

    Hi, I have noticed a few of you asking what our initial plans are for JAC Gaming and what directive we want to push it in the future. This is totally understandable! Although we don't have all of the facts just as of yet, this thread aims to cover our initial plans (including how donation...
  3. Jack

    Community Rules and Guidelines

    This is the official thread that enlists all currently active rules, regulations and guidelines to the JAC Gaming Network. Please note that by playing on our servers you are automatically agreeing to these rules and if caught disobeying rules listed may result in your account access to the...
  4. Jack

    Staff Application Process

    Staff Rules & Guidelines Staff are the main heart of the server we are required to keep things straight and in order here are some rules that we expect you to follow if we find that anyone has been breaking the rules set for staff you will be punished Players and staff are equal and we do not...