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Welcome to the forums! Make sure you checkout the community tab. It includes various pieces of content that we find will be helpful with your adventures here at JAC. 

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    Latest News of JAC Gaming!

    In light of the recent frustration staff & players alike have been experiencing with all of the sudden server downtimes, a little comic relief is in short order. 
    This is what it is like for all JAC server managers and engineers +50 everytime you guys realize a server is down. 
    Hello everyone, The builder application prosess is complete and you can now not only apply, but if the application gets accepted you will be given 3 hours, of your choosing to show your skills in building on the JAC building server exclusive to all builders, after the three hours are up, your build will be judged by me on depth, contrast, size, speed and design, If you complete the challenge you will be given the builder rank and full access to the Exclusive builder server!  Good luck!!
    So, As some of you may know, the builder applications have been broken for a while and it has been hard for me to accept any due to these terms, Well Thank's To Death they are now up and working so if you feel like you have what it takes, Go apply
    On Friday March 18 JAC will be having a Teamspeak Event, on the JAC Teamspeak Server ( We will also be using the JAC Function server ( for some contest and events; Events like: JAC Voice, are you smarter than a JAC Manager, Wipe out, and trivia contests!!
    But you must be on teamspeak to participate in these events so come on Friday March 18 9:45 pm EST
    There will Giveaways and Prizes to be won ranging from Donator ranks to Free Steam Games!!!
    See you there
    JAC Administrative Staff
    Teamspeak Server:
    Technic Modpacks:



    By bouncy, in Home,

    Due to new ranks and extras being added.. For a limited time of 24 hours. For the first person who purchases the Orion rank will get a free Tier 2 base worth $100! and  Three people after that who purchase the Orion rank get a free Teir 1 base worth $50 (Upgrades from Discoverer or rank transfers do not  count towards this sale)
    Hey everyone!! Great news.. For anyone that didn't know, Lapito's Has been revived! So congrats ghost on your hard work! Anyway. Ghost and I have worked all day fixing the donator kits and creating some brand new ones, Including a brand new one called Orion! So go check it out! 
    Hey everyone!! The Buy-A-Base has been added to the Lapitos modpack store, Feel free to go browse the bases that have been pre-built and added, If you have any questions I am always on ts.

    Builder apps

    By bouncy, in Home,

    Hey everyone, Due to the apps on the website temporarily not working, If you wish to apply for a builder position here on JAC you will need to fill in this application template and sent it to me on teamspeak, with a few pictures either on imgur or qyazo of previous or current builds that you think are good enough to get the the part.. and if I have it setup in time you will have to do a live demonstration of your building skill on a private server.  peace
    Real name:
    How long have you been playing minecraft:
    Have you done any past builds for servers:
    Have you ever been staff on servers:
    Why do you want to become builder:
    What's your speciality:
    So, it's time to give a brief update on CDA since I haven't done this for a while... 

    We're having a new contest for the month of March! I've put the Playtime plugin back on after a few requests, and in order to get some numbers spinning I've decided a give away was in order. Rules are simple and are as follows:
    The player with the highest playtime by March 31st wins! If you are caught using an AFK pool/device/build of ANY sort your playtime will be reset. If there is a TIE of any sort, consideration will be given to the player who is also active on teamspeak. If this doesn't settle it I will decide something else later. Rules are simple. Just get on and play. Do this and you can win a free copy of Garrys Mod! 

    A few other things to note about the server:
    Military base will be returning soon! There will be a Maze PVP arena in the end! World border has been expanded! Sell shops are open!
    Hey everyone, For those of you exited to become builder for the JAC gaming community, I have good news for you.The JAC gaming builder applications are up and running, Submit one and fill out the application and the app will be reviewed asap! Best of luck!!

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