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    Wizard Academy Is Back

    By Hevy911, in Home,

    That is right folks Wizard Academy is back after it's unfortunate corruption, now returning with its newest chapter. With updated mods, and fixed bugs this will be a new and enjoyable experience. Remember how the mini map didn't work, now it does, with a new map entirely. Other mods have been removed to optimize your experience on the server, Big question here, Will you be a great Wizard or a tyrannical Warlock, the choice is up to you.
    Thank you
    JAC Administrative Staff  

    Correction to the last post-- We are back NOW! Had a bit of a hiccup and the world was corrupt and eating itself.

    However, the problem is fixed, and the server is open today! You will have access to a new kit and the server has Milbase, Prison AND the Pit back too!

    Also, we have a few things in the works for PVP arenas soon -- one will be a Splash, another you'll want to watch your footing and then next you'll want to find the best deal at!

    Another friendly reminder: The November contest is being extended to December 15th! You've got plenty of time to build! <3

    Also, just so you have a heads up on what Decembers is -- We will be incorporating the best build in to a temporary event area for the Christmas Slaying Event! There will be the new PVP arenas and the winner of the December Event? A $25 iTunes gift card among other things!

    Keep watch after Thanksgiving for more details on the December event!

    We're back folks!

    By Chicken, in Home,

    This is Chicken_Chaser99 your friendly Manager for the JAC gaming server of the modpack Crafting Dead Cure (CD:C)
    As alot of you may know we just recently had an error with the data in our box and lost a whole lot of stuff a big downer for everyone  we put out a poll for what to do with the situation and the people have voted for the server to start over new map new economy lot of stuff starting all over again! Well, I am here to say CD:C is back and better than ever! With a new spawn and some of our old favorite sites for awesome loot a great time PVPing or maybe just earning some pocket cash killing zombies we are ready for all to come back and check out everything we have done! Thanks for an awesome staff who helped get the process over smooth and quick I know everyone did their part to get us back on our feet as soon as possible! The server is not quite done yet we still have some of our old favorites to add in as well as some new ideas stirring in the pot for future builds and places to play. We hope to see you soon on CD:C and remember to suggest ideas for how we can continue to grow!


    By Leone533, in Home,

    mTech is back in business! We have made some major updates to the modpack. We have removed mods such as ProjectE due to bugs and we have removed some other mods that we found replacements for. We will also actively be producing updates which will improve your playing experience. We will also be doing both in game and teamspeak events durring the weekend. If you Have any questions please feel free to leave a comment
    Guess what time of year it is!

    It's November!

    So besides, turkey, stuffing, ugly sweaters getting dusted out and obnoxious family-- there's always good ol' CD:C. <3

    Well, a lot has changed recently on CD:C and I'm inviting all of you to come see the re-vamps we've done (and are still working on as well), try to escape the prison, see how far you can get in the mob arena, get you and your friends to have the best town, or better yet, just show them all up! We're still holding almost daily events, we've got our build shop open (more PVP, less mining!), and we even have a few builders kits to help you out if you just love to build, and I'm throwing out a new contest this month and it's as followed:



    1. It has to be ABOVE ground.
    2. It has to be made by November 28th.
    3. It has to be within the soon to be new world border!
    4. It has to be a TOWN, not just a single building. Walls are optional.
    5. If you purchase the new town donation you can use the fence (kinda unbreakable, no choice there xD) but you must rebuild your town yourself. Using the cookie-cutter build we give will not be counted.
    6. If you want to be qualified, you need to get a hold of me (whooo) to come see your town once it's finished.
    7. If you've already been building a town that's okay -- you have an advantage.

    Judging will take place between Nov 29th and 30th and the winner will be announced on December 1st!


    Winning town will be displayed here and the town will win $300,000.00 In game money to split, 10 Police Loot Spawners, 10 Military Loot Spawners and 10 Med Loot Spawners to add to their town/base! (Hint-hint, this will give a BIG advantage  to Decembers big event! )

    So, without further hesitation... LET THE BUILDING BEGIN! <3
    JAC The Tech Is Now Live Feel Free To Come Join Us 
    http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/jac-the-tek.759035 Server Is With The Pack
    Our Pack Is A Business And PVP Pack Its Based On Starting A Technical Empire And Proving Your Dominance To Others Some Of The Mods Include: Tinkers Construct Thermal Expansion, Draconic Evolution, Mekanisim, and AE2.
    PVP Is Everywhere But Spawn And The Cities.
    Happy Halloween everyone! When you get a chance check out the new modpack that has come to JAC Gaming. Introducing Circuit!
    Welcome to Circuit! You might be thinking "Oh hell just another PvP tech modpack..." Jaded from past experience? Tired of tech packs being too easy? Would you rather enter the world with a challenge ahead of you? Then you are in luck!

    Click the logo below to go to the modpack page (or follow this link) to learn more!

    Hey guys The next community meeting will be tomorrow Friday, 23 October. Come join the JAC Staff, and other community members in a discussion of news and ideas that are coming to JAC. Get your voice heard, you can tell us your ideas and concerns that you want to be brought to light. All you need to do is to be on JAC Gaming's Teamspeak (ts.jacgaming.com) @ around 8:30pm EST and join the Community Meeting Channel at the top of the Teamspeak.
    Thank you, and I hope to see you guys there.
    JAC Administrative Staff
    That is right everyone after all the asking all the pleading, JAC Gaming is finally going to be selling T-Shirts. T-Shirts will be coming in 3 colors: Grey, Blue, and Black. We will also be selling hoodies in the same colors. The clothing will have the original JAC logo either on the front or the back. We hope to see a lot of you sporting the merchandise, and if you want to show your JAC love send us a pic on twitter with your T-Shirt or Hoodie!!!
    JAC Administrative Staff
    Store link: http://www.redbubble.com/people/jacgaming/shop
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/JACGaming
    Interested in JAC related news? Feel like you want to be more "in" the community? Well here is your chance, starting tomorrow (Friday, October 2, 2015) We will be, from now on be having community meetings where players on our teamspeak can get the most update information straight from JAC Staff. Meetings are every Friday at 8:30 EST after the JAC Staff meeting.
    Hope to see you all tomorrow!!!
    JAC Administrative Staff
    Teamspeak3: ts.jacgaming.com