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  1. JAC Gaming Discord

    Hello I decided to make a Discord for JAC Gaming. Discord is the new app everyone seems to be using and its leaving Skype and TS in the dust. I personally enjoy it a lot. If you have interest in joining the discord here is the link for the server I hope to see you there! Cheers Everyone's long lost friend -Clipz
  2. People seem to have interest in it so I created one:
  3. Yes sir, I still do.
  4. Just throwing out the idea, Discord seems to be growing in general when TS3 in general is being less used by the majority of gamers. To learn more about it visit
  5. I am the best Jungler in NA, here is proof.
  6. Yo.... whats the new modpack


  7. hey if you played on the last pixelmon server should u get your stuff back???

  8. Yes JACGaming will be on the server list. I developed the pack with the owner from OhGaming. We partnered up to create a new pack. As for other people making it on the server list is still going to be discussed. If you would like to talk to me you can send me a message here on the forums or come on teamspeak and find me.
  9. The modpack we have worked on to bring to you guys with OhGaming is a hot pack right now. In our second day being out we had 30 people online I suggest you check it out. Is called pixelmon plus.
  10. Shadow she didn't do the art.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the server gives a three min warning not to do anything before it restarts. Not trying to be rude but this would of been prevented if you had listened. We will work to get this done for you asap. cheers
  12. I'm doing good MarilynAnn how about your self? Also hevy the main event at a party always shows up late. Shame on you for not knowing that.
  13. Hello people.
  14. Google is probably your best friend in this instance.
  15. Were not going to be doing this.