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  1. i guess i'm still "waiting" take your time
  2. Thanks See you Soon!
  3. Username: Preeves03 Age: 16 Time Zone: Est Time I'm usually online: anytime on the weekends weekdays 2pm-10pm How long have your been playing on Infamy I played it during the old one infamy. Why do you want to be staff? I want to be able to help the server and community grow. I love the community and the players and I feel that as a staff member I would be able to help the players and create a better environment for them. I was a beta tester for infamy and i want to be a contributor to this growing community and to Eliminate all the Negativity in the community that I can, to reflect the greatness and potential this community has to become a very "Gamer-Friendly" community. I will also enforce Rules to eliminate the disrespectful factors in the community. Basically I want to be a factor in eliminating disrespectful Players such as people who use racial slurs ,and people who flat-out drop F-Bombs every 2 seconds. I go by the principle rule of "I Show You The Same Respect You Show Me". That's why I want to be staff. Do you have any past experience of being a staff member? Yes, on many Garry's mod Servers I am at least 15 years old: Yes Do you use Discord?: Yes Any additional comments? Discord: Mrpigman2181 Warning: I am easily annoyed and I sometimes. I can stand Trolls or bullies. Thanks for reading Have You Read And Agree With The Staff Charter?: Yes Have read the EULA?: Yes
  4. When is the server going to back up?