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  1. FossilTech Returns!

    Ladies and Gentleman, with much excitement I announce to you the launch and return of FossilTech, we are proud to bring back one of the most well received packs here on JAC fully updated and remade to bring to you a even better adventure as you fight for survival here on JAC's newly and improved FossilTech. Delve into a prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs with one twist, your thrown 500 years into the future. No longer do you fight with sword and bow to fend of these hungry beats but your weaponry has evolved like yourself! Primal times call for drastic measures, you’re faced with the hard choice to partner up in hopes of salvation or do you become a lone wolf pack, take on these ancient creatures by yourself? Adventure and to the brave as well smart, survival awaits as you take on Fossil Tech! Gear up and dive into the fight head first, heart racing and blood pumping. Have no mercy fight for your life! Regards The JAC administrative team!
  2. First of this is a ban appeal its denied due to the format however if this is a reminder of your un-ban pm ReidJr100 on the forums or GoldBaslik and relay this message to them for this to be solved! -Xslash
  3. What modpack is it?
  4. Managers and higher ups as well as trusted server staff generally Sr Admins.
  5. I'm going to lock this topic to prevent drama, if you'd like to get on teamspeak or message me here I can try and help you with the issue, alternatively you can talk to Hevy, Mickeyjay clipz ect if you would prefer to.Also i can appreciate your frustration butt watch the language used on the forums please.
  6. Hello JAC gamers, as you know summer is just around the corner for many of us if not already thankfully. Keeping this in mind I'd greatly appreciate your time to read this and maybe even leave some feedback for myself and others that this might interest. Over at JAC gaming we have had many of our cool mod packs for a while now and I would like to know if there is anything out there which you would like to see JAC be a part of regarding mod packs. If there is a mod pack that you enjoy playing or are curious about go ahead and leave a link to the mod pack's information page as well as the download page e.g its technic page. This second bit isn't mandatory but if you are leaving a suggestion it would be nice if you would leave a brief description of what the pack is about as well as why you like and why you think JAC should be part of it. I would also like to say that we would prefer that all entries do not have an official serve r it this is not mandatory again though. Kind regards Xslash7887
  7. Leaving nothing but reids nose
  8. We can look into it for you, roughly what time was the donation made?
  9. We will be right on it.
  10. What mods do you need information about in particular?
  11. Myself and Spired have been discussing to bring an update out for explosive crafts, with this in mind however I would like to get some ideas from other staff and players about what they might think would be nice to add to the modpack or even to be removed! If you would like to get your opinion heard message myself or SpiredJonathan on the forums, through Teamspeak or even in game. If there is a mod you'd like to see implemented this is your chance for us to look at it. Currently we are very open to ideas and suggestions from ANYONE! ~Xslash