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  1. Tried that with AE2, made over 50 dimensions and caused the server mass chaos and lag. Plus it defeats the purpose of the raiding aspect in a PvP and Raid server. Not saying that they won't add a mod, but it's probably highly unlikely due to failed previous attempts. There was a player vaults system added in as well, but people complained about the fact that you had a place to store a base worth of items and it not be able to be touched, and to add to it the plugin was kind of sketchy, meaning it had a large chance to delete all your items, corrupt your data, dupe items, give players more space than originally allotted, etc.
  2. Not saying this *is* your problem but there is a chance of it. Sometimes the market system bugs out with its sorting methods and nothing shows up at all. Theres a little redstone repeater or comparator in the bottom of the market GUI. Click it once or twice and it may solve your issue.
  3. Resolved
  4. Not a bad idea, I'll see about adding in a magical crops section
  5. Resolved
  6. Uhm. WA has been live for two weeks. The server is on the same pack that we've been using.
  7. grape soda you you arrogant bad stuffbag, for insulting and demeaning my friends. Learn some solid facts before you start trying to start bad stuff you ignorant moron. Love, FloofyVampire

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      Who are you ?


  8. this is dank. has the dank seal of dank approval by me. dank.
  9. If you were an enchantment I would put you on my sword.

  10. So these are items that I, and people of the community and friends of mine have suggested to be banned, I personally do not agree with all of these but they are suggestions. **If an item has an asterisk by it, it was banned last reset. Shrink spell from AM2 (Hitbox size of a pea) Prosperity spell from AM2 (Spams looting enchantment on kills,plants, etc) Appropiation spell from AM2 (Can move people outside of regions or world borders) Disarm spell from AM2 (Who wants to be disarmed, and it causes player data corruption) Daylight, Moonlight spell from AM2 (Used together can crash the server with day cycle) * Chrono Anchor spell from AM2 (You legit never die) Ender Intervention spell from AM2 (Allows you to bypass claims, regions, etc) Nature Guardian Scythe AM2 (Buggy, has a chance to instakill, and gets clear lagged mid throw) * Air Sled from AM2 (Causes chunk corruption) Blink spell from AM2 (Bypasses region) * All of the imbued fires from Thaumcraft (You know why) * Shards of Laputa from Botania (Bypasses regions and relocates your spawn) Candlefire Sword from Advent of Ascension (Deletes heart canisters and soulbound items) * Terrasteal seeds from Magical Crops (A little *too* op) * Wither Skeleton seeds from Magical Crops (Also a little *too* op) * Hand of ender from Botania (Lets you look inside of others enderchests) * Hand of death from Witchery (Bypasses regions and can kill players) Binkey from Witchery (Spawns in infinite horses) * Convacation of the Damned from BM (Causes severe lag and can corrupt chunks) I'm asking around for more items, they're soon to come
  11. I definitely included the "wanted to" part. It was also a follow up to my prior statement, which was stating how common VPN's and proxy's are. And plus VPN's and Proxy's aren't banned by the current JAC Terms of Service. Terms of Use for TeamSpeak By using the JAC Gaming TeamSpeak 3 voice server you agree to abide by the following conditions: You must respect that there are players of all ages welcome on the TeamSpeak server, and therefore the sharing, discussion, distribution, displaying, or spamming of sexually explicit or aggressive content, grotesque or reasonably shocking content, or content meant to cause offense to a minor is absolutely prohibited. Players above the age of 18 may choose to join special channels labeled 18+ in order to discuss more mature topics freely. You will be punished, muted, or banned temporarily or permanently for sharing or spamming content that can be considered reasonably offensive or abusive to another player. This includes audio bombing, voice changers without consent of the players in the channel, streaming of sound effects or music in non-music channels, the setting of still or animated offensive avatars, offensive names or descriptions, and similar. You may not unreasonably sustain harassment against another player, such as by following them from channel to channel against their request, spam messaging them or audio spamming them in a targeted or abusive attack. This will not be tolerated and punishment will be given. JAC Gaming otherwise adheres to the 1st amendment of the United States constitution, and the spectrum of discussion is generally more relaxed on TeamSpeak than in-game, as minors and adults can willingly segregate into appropriate channels. No where in here does it mention the usage of a proxy or VPN on the TeamSpeak3 server. Furthermore, your post about the VPN and Proxy filtering (17 hours ago) wasn't effective when there were people getting banned for this reason.
  12. The only issue that I think I'd have with this is that (to my knowledge, if it's possible please correcet me) but you can't really check proxy's or VPN's. Which I know a lot of people use on JAC (whether they're banned or not). Even I have my own VPN that I *could* use if I wanted to. Other than that, I'm 100% for it.
  13. Couldn't we just gather all the items required and then give them to a Senior admin or a manager to have, lets say .. 6 crystal clusters or so ? That's how we did it on R4 so that way people get an okay amount to work with. Most people we're appeased with that and moved on with their day.