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  1. this is so lit
  2. no
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen... FossilTech Rebirth is back in business! We'll be launching in a few hours! My team and I hope to see each and everyone of you on the server soon. Sorry for the wait.. Now let's get back to having fun! ~FossilTech Staff Team
  4. Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen of JAC Gaming! I have very good news... FossilTech is almost ready to launch! My staff team and I are finalizing everything making sure its ready for all you excited players. Prepare to enjoy yourselves once again on the glorious server and we hope your experience is just as great as the last! Thanks for your patience and we hope to see you soon! ~FossilTech Staff Team
  5. Hello FossilTech Players! As some of you saw, the server closed shortly after the drop party today. Some of you also know that RoboJackPlays stepped down as manager today. The server went down due to RoboJackPlays deleting all of the directories/files for the server. As of right now my staff team and I are working to put up a new server ASAP. Yes.. Player data/ inventories, and the map are all gone. We're having a fresh start on FossilTech. I'm so very sorry to all of you players who worked so hard to obtain the dinos and items that you did. I promise you when FossilTech comes back, it'll be better than ever. Stay tuned for more news soon to come about the server. Thanks and hope to see you soon! ~Prime and the FossilTech Staff Team
  6. Prime you are the best around :D