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  1. Sounds good.
  2. How to vote for the server. Offline voting is now enabled! Your rewards will be queued for you until you log back in if you vote while not in game. The four voting sites are as follows: You can vote on each one of these sites every 24 hours. Each site will give you one vote in the system which will give you your standard vote rewards. We will also be adding cumulative votes in as the server progresses. This is a system whereby we tally your total votes and give you extra rewards at certain milestones. e.g. getting to 30 votes will give you 32 ender pearls. Voting is easy! Simply click on these links and find the 'VOTE' buttons. For and you will find these buttons by scrolling down to the usage graph and looking at the large buttons on the bottom left (above the facebook comments, feel free to leave some positive comments for us too ) For minestatus, the vote button is located to the right of our logo, next to the embed button. Once you click through to the vote page, all four sites will require you to complete a captcha and enter your minecraft username. That's it! You've done it! Thanks for voting and enjoy your rewards.