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  1. It has been happening to all of the recommended servers aparently... FTB seems to be fine at the moment.
  2. Ask stupid questions, Get stupid answers.

  3. Ask stupid questions, Get stupid answers.

  4. Ive been listening to a fair bit of chiptune lately lol.
  5. Laptop computer died! Going to try get a new one in around 3 weeks. I should be able to get on now and then.. Not as much though

    1. Truzzie


      Was at a friends place and left the laptop on a chair, Chair was moved while the cord was wrapped around it and laptop fell on charger cord breaking the motherboard >:

  6. I moved all the posts I know are FTB Ban appeals to the right section.
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  8. Youkuso! Hitori Bocchi