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    I love computers, coding, programming, and SEO/Web development- even though I got my Bachelor's in Psychology/Counseling... but that's another story :) . My friends got me into playing minecraft a little over a year ago, and I've really enjoyed it, with Voltz being my first mod pack, and I've just always come back to it :)
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  1. Whats the status of idreams ascension, cause the pack fails to download from technic anymore?

    1. grant


      It needs a "reboot"- as in I just need to get our MySQL users back and running for solder to get up. I'll try to get this done in the next week. 

  2. Voltz has always had additional Biomes- usually by ExtremeBiomes, but we decided to try a different biome loader to see what people think- personally I think they're about equal in terms of the biomes generated, but you are welcome to suggest one over the other. Remember that this pack in general is still in early "alpha", so the mods you see may be tweaked, edited or removed completely in the final build. We wanted to get a pack out there with some early community requested mods to see how people felt they "meshed together". So please be sure to give your input on anything you feel is working well, or what you feel could be changed or removed. I am not exactly sure what you're referring to when you say "start-up" but it sounds as if you're talking about Forge loader (when the anvil animation pops up)- that cannot be removed, as that is what all mods run on. My guess is that you might need some additional Java configuration if you can't run it. Come see me on TeamSpeak and I'll try to do some troubleshooting with you. Regards, -Grant
  3. We haven't decided that at this point. It will really depend on if the community strongly wants the old version to stay open. But I wouldn't worry about it right now, as of right now we have no plans to close down the 1.5.2 version, and we will make that decision sometime in the future. Regards, -Grant
  4. That was likely a mis-step on my part. I had the pack running, and made some changes via solder, and I must have moved in an incorrect version of Forge (which is why you only see Vanilla). I can verify the pack is now fixed, up and running with all mods (to-date) loaded. There is also an alpha server running, it has the same ip as the current voltz pack (, or using the legacy ip We will continue to run the 1.5.2 server as well until we move the iDreams Ascension pack out of full alpha. Sorry about all the delays, but hopefully we can still get you guys on board with the new pack :). Let us know questions, comments, critiques, answers, or whatever else you would like to say about the new pack. Thanks, -Grant
  5. the original thread for reference. Thanks, -Grant
  6. I'm pretty sure Flans' is in the current mod list (I know for a fact it is in the updated- but yet-to-be-published mod list). We haven't decided yet on Flan's vehicles or other forms of transportation.
  7. I've placed a response to your concerns in Feel free to comment or respond there. Thanks, -Grant
  8. I have noticed a lot of turmoil swirling around the news that iDreams was hacked, and consequently taken down. I received a message from a player (name omitted): ======================================================================================================================== Subject: You not giving a **** about Idreams Well, well, well if it isn't one of the infamous V-managers who for some reason don't seem like they exist to almost everyone who plays on Idreams and is infuriated about the fact that the managers did not care that the server was taken down by a hacker and that not backups were ever made because apparently no one cares about Voltz anymore because of its low player count. ======================================================================================================================== It seems there is a lot of anger and blame on the fact that we did not have recent backups, and the managers are never on, and don't care. I want to address both of these statements by first saying, both are somewhat true, and somewhat false- and the rest is up to interpretation. I am going to borrow some material from the response I sent to the above user. First I want to address our backup policy. At some point, we made a decision that we wanted speed over data redundancy (backups- you can't have both). For this reason, iDreams takes up a very large amount of space, well over 100GB. We can't and we don't make daily backups. There is no practical way for us to be continually backing up this entire amount of data, and still have a fun, let alone functioning server. We do make periodic backups, in fact the most recent was created several weeks ago... but that is weeks of players' bases and homes and items that will be lost . Our backups are not really designed for total catastrophic complete failure, unfortunately. They are more designed in case some particular mod or plugin goes haywire- we have a way to restore order. Second I want to address the comment about the managers and staff being non-existent. It is somewhat true- we do seem to be non-existent at times, but- we are all there in the background taking care of minute little details. Most of our staff (and all of our managers) are in their early twenties or thirties. We have many more responsibilities than say the fifteen year old player. At my age I have a wife, a house, a family, job responsibilities, and believe it or not, I and all the other staff actually don't receive any money for doing this job (it's purely voluntary- love of course ). For that reason, several of the staff, and myself, have to place a lot of priority into our "real-lives" to make money and provide for our families (although I know we would love to spend a lot more time on the server playing around ). Third I want to address the comment about not giving a... All of the staff and I care very much about iDreams and Voltz- when everyone else wanted to let the pack die, we were the ones that actually set plans in motion to update the pack, and that is still our next goal- to get iDreams updated to 1.7. The exploit performed was a vulnerability in our version of Minecraft, and it is quite clear that we need to update to fix that. iDreams Voltz has never about the "player count" (maybe this comment was directed toward the assumption that we are paid by the amount of players we have?- I know when I was a player I used to think that at least the managers were paid or something, although this is not the case). Lastly In short- I understand the anger and disappointment- I was very angry when Voltz went down, (All of us- the staff, put so much work -literally HUNDREDS of HOURS into iDreams, building, coding, debugging, staffing...) but we haven't given up, so... don't give up. If anything, this incident has given us more motivation, by moving all of our "irons into one fire" so we no longer have to divide our attention between 1.5, and 1.7. We ARE close to getting that new pack out- and then we'll all be having more fun trying to figure out a new pack, and raiding our friends again . As always, I appreciate, you, the players- you make iDreams what it is. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve iDreams or the new pack, feel free to let us know, otherwise we're going to try to have a rough pack out by the end of next week (hopefully sooner!). Regards, -Grant
  9. Wish I could go
  10. That is a lot of our thoughts- keep all the good stuff that people love, and add just a *few* (to keep it "light") and when the pack does go public (we're hoping to get it out by summer!), we will of course at that time determine a whole new list of kits, drop partys, spawns, stores, and anything else that you guys can think up that would be fun. Thanks, -Grant
  11. I believe GregTech is in the mod list- we're not sure yet if it is going to be implemented, as we haven't decided yet whether or not to even include IndustrialCraft in the pack. But thank you for your input. Thanks, -Grant
  12. Dang, sorry you lost your shop kumaro . That would really frustrate me! Maybe we can add some signs at the store to be more prominent, regarding this little detail. , -Grant
  13. We agree. That's why we're really trying to get it right. We would like the modpack to have a "soft-cap" of about 40-50 mods. I and many other people would agree that the beauty of Voltz is in it's implicit simplicity, and we in no way want to take away from that. Much like how Voltz was improved by adding Galacticraft, and Applied Energistics in the 2.0.4 version, we just want to extend that and maybe add a few mods for a more "modern", "improved" feel. qCraft sounds great- I'll see about getting that into the list, as you are correct, Voltz is all about the science, engineering, sci-fi-futuristic feel, and quantum physics sounds awesome. The document should not be edited, but we would love you to add your comments directly to the spreadsheet, as it allows us to see "everything" all in one place so to speak . Thanks, -Grant
  14. Anonymous, I have updated your name change to DoctorSnakes. If you need anything else, let me know. Thanks, -Grant
  15. ApexCookie, I did verify that you did indeed get charged twice (sorry about that!) I'm not quite sure what happened, but we can certainly try to make arrangements. When WA server comes back up, I'll make sure to check with reid to see that your friend also gets his rank. Sorry again about the confusion! Thanks, -Grant