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  1. Username: lanh2411 Age: 16 Time Zone: UTC+10:00 (Sydney,Australia) Time I'm usually online: I have a part time/casual job so it changes each week for what times I can be active, but most of those times I am active is 3-5 hours How long have your been playing on Infamy Modern Warfare? Since the release in 2012, till the shutdown of the Mod Pack And Server, i'm active on the new Infamy Why do you want to be staff? I Want to help the community and the players/new players for whatever they need help with in Infamy Modern Warfare I put myself last to help those in need first, where ever, whenever, If it is a mod problem, player problem, server problem or even general problems, whatever the problem it is, I will try and solve the issue to the best of my abilities. In my experience from the old infamy, many players have struggled when they joined with the mods in the mod pack and some plugins, I wish to be one of those people that can assist with problems with the mod or plugins and solve it. I would help promote a healthy environment, so fair play is key, respecting each other (including staff) and I would help the staff members filter any negativity, racism, discrimination or any unfairly on the sever by removing those players from the sever and making sure we are all having fun on the server. Thank you for taking your time for reading this -Yours Sincerely Lanh.M Do you have any past experience of being a staff member? No Sorry, I’m All New to this I am at least 15 years old: Yes Do you use Discord?: Yes (Putty_Xd#0263) Any additional comments? Hope To hear back Have You Read And Agree With The Staff Charter?: Yes Have read the EULA?: Yes
  2. been since 2012 from last time i played
  3. aye, same