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  1. Yes it was a good server but cause it is the same thing it seems boring to a lot of others, I am sure the community can bring another one but adding mods would keep everything interesting.
  2. Hey, from what I know I do not think we will bring back skyhype as vanilla skyblock servers eventually die off and lose all the players as it is the same repetitive thing, though I believe maybe at one point in the future one of the higher ups will wanna ask the community about server and modpack ideas, upon which everyone could vote on a modded skyblock inorder to keep things new and give players a real goal to reach.
  3. It is going to be a lot of fun to be out there with everyone blowing stuff up and taking on factions in our yet to be released survival world. Everything is so amazing to view and I know I can not wait for everyone to get their take on what you created here this past month. I hope everyone is ready for war! It is almost here!
  4. Hey, It is now Pixel Academy the pack can be found at Come stop by We also have a discord!
  5. Miss you man, hope to see you again one day.

  6. If you are talking about the vanilla plugin that is Mcmmo
  7. Miss you man, hope to see you again one day.

  8. Note - It may be updated just conflicting mods. I will check when I get off work.
  9. That is unknown, others have asked and so far it had not been updated. If you have discord come join the community one and contact me or on teamspeak in a few hours.
  10. For what pack is this for? Lapitos? If so yes the server files are outdated.
  11. Hey guys, We are bringing back Pixelmon. You will not have to wait much longer as they will be up sooner or later, as we are all hoping for it to be sooner. Just be patient and We will have it up as soon as possible! You can join our discord for updates on Pixel Academy.
  12. Username: Sparky555554 Age: 19 Time Zone: Central Timezone UTC-06:00 (Us & Canada) Time I'm usually online: Monday-Friday 5:30pm - 10pm. Saturday-Sunday - 7 Am til 9 Pm. I am at least 15 years old: Yes Do you use TeamSpeak 3? Yes Have You Read The JAC Terms of Service and agree to it?? Yes Why do you want to beta test? I would like to beta test because I originally started off in this community back in 2013 with the original infamy pack and server so I feel I would have good knowledge on how the server can be fixed and changed a bit more and how everything can be helped. I spent constant months on the original infamy pack just trying to have fun and find a way to help out the community and when upper-management decided to shut the server down it crushed my heart. I heard infamy was coming back so I really sparked an interest in wanting to play the old pack again and to regain the memories I had lost. I want to beta test because I believe I have the knowledge on how the server should be run involving banned items, shops and more, though I feel it will be different I have a lot of experience with the mod-pack and the mods located in the pack that I have a good idea on what should be allowed or banned or restricted to certain ranks. Due to the information I know currently and how long ago the old infamy server was I can learn all the aspects of the updated pack extremely quickly since I have a heavy interest in the server and the pack it self. Thank you for reading my application to be a beta tester.
  13. Sparkey361 is another user
  14. My forum name is my TS
  15. Awesome! Can't wait man!