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  1. I missed you mate!

  2. I missed you mate!

    1. Anti_matter_


      i'm still on ts man, hop on some time. I won't be in game much because of my schedule.

  3. Now there are a select amount of people who will remember but who ever does I commend you because It has been almost 7 months since I was last seen and I miss you all! <3
  4. This is for minecraft Username Change. Inorder to change your minecraft username you actually have to go through a decently easy process first you need to go to Or If you go on and scroll to the bottom of when you log on and view your profile you should see this Change your account details Player name: sparky555554 (in order to change your name you first need to migrate to a Mojang account) And then you migrate your account then you are able to change your minecraft name. If you need anymore help i can help you. Enjoy!
  5. There are a decent amount of staff members who don't use mics wether they just don't want to or can't.
  6. All requests will get too soon but right now I can't do them as I have a uniform inspection and drill evaluation so that's what I'm focused on.
  7. when catfish was a manager he had a mod pack similar to what this is and what this has.
  8. Hey, Cappagaming We are glad that you would like to apply for staff but, this is not how you apply you can go to the forums of the server and look for the mod application area and apply there as that is the only and correct way to apply. Thank you
  9. Well the title says most of it I'm taking request but most would say for what, well for fan art I will do the first 5 requests of anything pg! Comment your name and your request and I will update this with who I'm doing first! 1.Typical Staff Meeting - Submitted by RojoM 2.DangerousDwarfs - Infamy! 3. 4. 5.
  10. I am planning to make a mod pack and would like some mod suggestions I currently already have a bit of mods but need more also I am planning to keep yall updated but it will be a private mod pack until it is fully functional so leave suggestions down below and I will let u all know which of them are added and which removed.
  11. Im sad I broke up with my girlfriend

  12. Turning 17 Next Month Awesome!