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  1. The Angels of Death clan is a group of mature, dedicated players who value teamwork and community. AOD was formed over 16 years ago and now has over 3100 active members across 15+ various titles and have a rapidly growing community in Overwatch! We're recruiting competitive and casual gamers alike with the idea of creating a fun and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're an FPS veteran or brand new to the genre you'll find AOD is a great place to come and game with like minded people. With over 330 people signed up and playing Overwatch, there is always someone on to group up with! What to expect from AOD: A mature group of team players who like to have fun. Fair play; zero tolerance for cheaters. Friendly members. New to the game, need help? Just ask. A dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server. Formal and informal organized events. Opportunity to be part of a team greater than any individual. Quarterly 6v6 ESL Tournaments with professional casters Quarterly 1v1 Tournaments Competitive Scrim Team Requirements to join AOD: Be 16 years of age or older A working microphone Teamspeak 3 Our Code of Conduct and Division Rules articulate the values we work hard to maintain. If you're interested and want to join then please head to www.ClanAOD.net and apply today!
  2. Now that Mojang has added the ability for you to change your username there are a few things that you should know when playing on our servers if you are considering getting a name change. 1) If you are getting a name change and you play on one of our servers where the minecraft version is below 1.7.10 then you will risk losing your stuff on to the server you where playing and logging on as a new player. 2) If your playing on a server that is 1.7.10 or above you should be fine to switch your username and if a problem should occur contact a server admin and tell them about your problem. If you have any other questions you can refer to mojangs post https://mojang.com/2015/01/announcing-minecraft-name-changes/ or you can ask an admin on your server or teamspeak if you have any other questions and thank you for playing on our servers.
  3. I tried to play this but when i try to load a world in single player it gets to 80% genned then it stops
  4. some times it takes me 20+ trys just sitting there hitting refresh and trying to join
  5. You cant because as I beleave the server is using bungee cord and because of that the server has to be ran in offline mode and to prevent people from login in with unligit accounts they have made it so you can only join thru the proxy.