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  1. Miss you man, hope to see you again one day.

  2. JAC Veteran, Previous Triple-Manager, PvP Legend, Leader of Prominence, Harbinger of the REAL Infamy.

  3. Infamy is finally here! The modpack link is: All the old mods are back, including Borderlands 2 and Atomic Science! Mod list: Infamy Armor Rei’s Minimap Applied Energistics Atomic Science Backpacks Borderlands Weapons Mod EnderIO ICBM Mekanism Minechem MFFS NEI Obsidiplates Optifine Railcraft Random Things Redstone Arsenal Refined Relocation Secret Rooms Smooth Bedrock Thermal Expansion Translocator Armor Status HUD Balkons Weapon Mod Gun Customization Ropes+ Mod TF2 Sentry Iron Chest McHeli
  4. Many have been wondering when Infamy is going to officially come out. This article is here to represent how close Infamy is to being complete. We hope to see everyone on the server when it officially comes out!
  5. Completion date is being majorly pushed back due to an issue with 2.0.2, which delayed the builds. There is currently no expected time of completion.
  6. Crafting Dead is finally having its needed map reset! Some of the expected changes are listed below: 1: Apocalyptic style spawn city. 2: More builds, more fun. 3: More stable economy based around logins and zombie kills. 4: Harder to find loot. 5: Donor kit changes. 6: Major shop changes. The new map is currently being worked on by the Crafting Dead build team, we expect it to be done by January 25th!
  7. It's starting to bother me that Pixelmon players can't even post things in the right location.
  8. I sucked at wraith though. Always died within 5 minutes.

    1. TheRhino


      I love darkspore but barely play anymore

  9. I just recognized your profile pic. I played darkspore a couple of years ago, and I remember Wraith. I even have the exact image link:

  10. Yes this reset will hopefully double our average players
  11. Due to recent bugs and issues the Faction world of Crafting Dead will be resetting within the next two weeks. The reset is expected to fix gun issues, backpack and vest issues, and handcuff issues. The following changes will be made after the reset: 1- A new 'hub' like spawn area. 2- A new Faction world spawn. 3- Donor kits will be fixed. 4- A fully operational shop. 5- Handcuffs will be disabled. 6- A Rule board. 7- A Staff board. The following MAY be changed: 1- The city outside Faction spawn 2- Player access to /rspawn rather than right clicking sign. 3- Player access to /balance rather than right clicking sign. This reset will NOT affect the /rspawn world. There will be a few drop parties after the reset, times and locations will be specified at a later date.
  12. During my time here at jacgaming, I've noticed that many players know very little about /f commands. I've decided that it's time to create a guide; to truly explain the faction commands. Basic: Players wanting to simply team with their friends should read basic sections. Advanced: Players wanting to have some faction structure should read advanced and basic sections. Elite: Players wanting the full benefits of a faction should read elite, advanced, and basic sections. Creating A Faction And Inviting people to it: (Basic) Commands used in this section: -/f create <faction name> -/f invite <username> -/f join <faction name> -/f deinvite <username> -/f desc <description> -/f open -/f faction <faction name> -/f name <faction name> -/f tag <faction name> -/f kick <username> -/f disband Creating a faction is done by using the /f create <faction name> command. JAC servers will not tolerate inappropriate faction names, so think before you so. Faction names can be changed by using /f name <faction name>, or /f tag <faction name> depending on what server you're on. After a player creates a faction, the next thing he/she might want to do would be to invite players. Inviting players to a faction can be done with /f invite <username>. If you invite the wrong player, do not worry, you can remove their invitation with /f deinvite <username>. In order for the invited player to join they must use /f join <faction name>. If an unwanted player is in your faction you can kick them out with /f kick <username>. If a player wants to allow anyone to join their faction(without inviting them) they can use /f open. If a player no longer wants their faction 'open' they can simply use the command again to 'close' the faction. WARNING: /f open is one of the easiest ways to be betrayed! Think before you do! If a player wants a bit more customization with their faction, they can use /f desc <description> to add a description to their faction. This description can be viewed with /f faction <faction name>, or when a player enters a chunk claimed by your faction. The most efficient way to view information about your faction is by using /f faction <faction name>; this command can be used to view information about other factions as well. Lastly, if a faction leader no longer wants their faction existing, they can issue /f disband. Claiming And Over-claiming Chunks: (Basic) Commands used in this section: -/f claim <radius around player> -/f autoclaim -/f unclaim -/f unclaimall -/f home -/f sethome -/f map <on|off> WARNING: Faction claims can EASILY give away your base!!!! WARNING: Faction claimed land CAN be griefed by use of wrenches, matter cannons, grenades, explosives, missiles, and many other things!!! One of the most basic concepts of factions is claiming. Faction members cannot be damaged in their land unless the opposer enemies their faction, or uses modded weapons like minechem swords and borderlands guns. A faction leader or moderator can claim faction land with use of /f claim <radius around player>; if no radius is defined, the claim will be only for the chunk the player who issued the command is in. Once faction land is claimed, the faction leader or faction moderators can /f sethome to set a home for everyone in the faction at a specified location(the spot the player which issues the command is standing). Once a faction home is set faction members can use /f home to teleport to the faction home. Another way of claiming land is /f autoclaim. /f autoclaim claims any chunk the issuer enters. To disable /f autoclaim, simply type the command again. To unclaim an area use /f unclaim. To unclaim ALL faction land use /f unclaimall WARNING: /f unclaimall unsets your /f home! To view nearby claims, use the /f map command. If a player wants their map updated with every chunk they enter, issue /f map on. To disable /f map, enter /f map off. WARNING: other factions CAN overclaim your land!! Many players get confused with this part. Another faction can overclaim your land if your faction power is less than your faction claimed land. Faction Relations: (Basic) Commands used in this section: -/f ally <faction name> -/f truce <faction name> -/f enemy <faction name> -/f neutral <faction name> One of the best parts of factions is the ability to enemy and ally factions. A faction can be allied/truced with the /f ally/truce <faction name> command. A moderator/leader of the other faction has to issue the same command for the alliance/truce to be complete. Allies can build in each other's territory, and cannot damage each other without use of some modded weapons. Truced factions cannot damage each other. If a player despises a faction, they can /f enemy <faction name>. Players in enemy faction territory can not issue commands like /home or /tpa, they have to add an 'e' in front of it, example being /etpahere <username>. Enemy factions can also damage each other in claimed land without use of modded weapons. If a faction is enemied/allied/truced and you want to neutral the faction, issue /f neutral <faction name>. Faction Structure: (Advanced) Commands used in this section: -/f leader <username> -/f officer <username> -/f promote <username> -/f demote <username> In a faction there are multiple ranks which allow different things. Recruits are the lowest rank, they can not build on faction territory or use the majority of /f commands. Recruits are represented with a - symbol. If a player is promoted from recruit, they become a member. Members can build in faction territory, and have access to a few more commands. Members are represented with a + symbol. If a player is promoted from member they become an officer/moderator. Officers am invite players, set relations, claim land, set faction homes, and have access to basically every command. Officers are represented with a * symbol. Leaders are represented with a ** symbol. To promote players, use /f promote <username>, to demote players use /f demote <username>. To instantly officer someone use /f officer <username>. To give someone leadership of your faction, issue /f leader <username>. Faction Government: (Advanced) Commands used in this section: -/f title <username> /f title <username> can be used to define a member, or give them a rank above/below a faction peer. Faction titles are wonderful and allow the opportunity to have a complete government!!!! Color codes CAN be used in faction titles. Instead of just having recruit, member, officer, and leader, /f title <username> can allow hundreds of different ranks. The only problem is they don't get any more permissions. Faction Permissions: (Elite) Commands used in this section: -/f perm <faction name> <permission> <group> <yes|noo> -/f perm <faction name> One of the most beneficial faction commands is /f perm. /f perm is often overlooked, and should be given more credit. /f perm allows the faction leader to completely alter permissions for faction groups. Don't want officers to be able to claim land? Not a problem! Don't like how allies can build in your territory? Not a problem either! /f perm happens to also be the most complicated faction command. To view your factions current permissions, use /f perm <faction name>. Upon issuing the command a very large chart should fill up the majority of your chat. The chart consists of permissions(right), groups(top), and alerts you as to whether this group is, or isn't allowed this permission(Middle). Here is an example of a faction permission command: /f perm JAC Painbuild Ene Yes; this command would make it so any of our enemies would take damage she trying to edit our claimed chunks. Here is another example of a faction permission command: /f Perm JAC ALL Build NOO; this command makes it so allies can no longer build in claimed land. I hope this guide helps!!! Thank you for reading this took over an hour to put together!
  13. Can't wait to feel the thrill of infamy once more
  14. lol just make a 1024 block thick cobblestone wall surrounding your base
  15. BUMP! Topic needs more memes!