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  1. "I'm going to ignore most of this thread, but put in my thoughts anyway on stuff I haven't read yet and claim to know what I'm talking about." I wasn't putting my thoughts into anything on the thread though, just on what I saw on the server. But whatever
  2. I have read very little of this thread but I just wanted to say something. I don't think either your response or Light's response were at all mature. You are a grown adult, and your knee-jerk reaction to a bad call on his part only made the situation worse. Now, his response to this was bad as well, but it wasn't entirely his fault. You can't go and insult someone and not expect repercussion. But if this is the way you decide to act because you were *muted*, then I don't really think its all too bad of a thing you won't be returning. Sorry to see you go though, I thought you were pretty cool. Have fun.
  3. It is possible that you corrupted your chunk! Could you contact me on the JAC Discord and we can further investigate? I am @Mr_Anonymous#0993. EDIT: For now you have been moved to spawn. If you come back online today you should be fine. However the server is resetting tomorrow, so your time will be short with iDreams V.
  4. Thanks for all the help today Nacho, I greatly appreciate it!