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  1. Miss you man, hope to see you again one day.

  2. For some players, you may have noticed that the regular ip may not be working. We are working on re-adding/ troubleshooting the problem associated with our server. The server is still up so please use or The ip is subject to change based on relocation of the boxes. Thank you for playing Idreams! -Anti
  3. goodbye anti i speak for everyone when i say you will never be forgotten and idreams will never be the same without u here. goodbye anti we all hope all goes well and we will be thinking about you always. come on and see how were all getting on. 

    goodbye anti :(


  4. You Shall Be Missed By All

  5. i got stuck in a block again. can you please tp me somewhere when you get online?

    1. Anti_matter_


      you have been ospawned . For quick fixes please use teamspeak. Many of our staff are on ts consistently and will review your issue as soon as we are on our computers. (or at least I am on ts 24-7)

      Thanks Anti-

    2. wolfboy2907


      i only just realized you saw that XD

      thanks again man! 

  6. I donated to IDeamz and i dont have my rank yet. could you please take care of that for me?

    1. Anti_matter_


      i'll take care of you soon. 


    2. wolfboy2907


      I know its a bit late now, but thanks man!

  7. Some players have noticed the server has been down today for a while. We are announcing that this is an official map reset. If you were on just before the map reset, staff and players were allowed to kill our heavily protected spawn with nukes, antimatters, obsidian tnt and crashed the server 3 times with explosives. Impressive? I'd say. There are some noticeable changes added to the idreams general post. Check it out and leave your comments below! Best of luck building, (don't forget to raid) ~Anti_matter_
  8. I missed you mate!

    1. Anti_matter_


      i'm still on ts man, hop on some time. I won't be in game much because of my schedule.

  9. I'm sending this to all the players who ask me about the server XD
  10. A reminder If you need me MSG me on any sites TS, jacgaming, skype, 

  11. Hey Idreams and the community, I won't be on much more. I have college and a full time job. I am going to the College of Central Florida and majoring in Business Management CT degree and Business Administration AA-MBA 2016-2021. Even though idreams is important. I am setting new goals. Goals in hope to achieve a better education and a better job. If you need me please contact me through messages on JAC gaming website. I should still be available through team speak as well. Don't just msg me say hey i need help... Tell me what you need or i'll just ignore it. Leave enough information for it to be feasible without you prompt. Sincerely Anti_matter_, God Bless
  12. Idreams is back running! Come on and join our new map. If you past heard about the hackers. Worry no longer With our new plugin installed you are fully protected. IP Ts3
  13. Lapito tool control of the mod pack again and updated it Saturday the 26! Lapitos is now up and running!!! The server also lag is smoothing out with new chunks turning to old ones and with a good tps of 19 with 60 player online! We have over 60 mods! Now that's impressive right? Join us in the conquest to defeat space and time. Here is the link and our ip is
  14. The love of idreams is always been around for years! Here is a picture of just a few players wanting to show their love to the server.