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  1. Here i thought there were enough pvp servers.
  2. Mine is still the old one, could you fix it for me josh? <3
  3. Could of argued his case a little better but i agree with him... i remember when i said lag on idreams and even though the word was filtered to something else i got kicked.
  4. First time i have seen 18 people on in years?? maybe the reset was a good idea
  5. I hate spam posts.
  6. There are a few servers there if you didn't see , but would be cool to get one. Also play in Last Days texturepack http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1059319-32x-hd-17ish-last-days-300000-downloads-miss-you-comply-cat/
  7. Or they just don't care.
  8. Oh man, only if i was there to kick him.
  9. Not sure where your seeing the "G" from :S
  10. Okay its fixed, and placed some of the blocks in a chest.
  11. I can fix it for you once more damn technic launcher decides to give me the login screen.
  12. Possible you could copy your crash report there??
  13. Im guessing this if infamy??
  14. If you give me the coords to your base and the id of the block i can remove it for ya. Edit: Message it so nobody find your base