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  1. lol its dj all over again
  2. which server is this for?
  3. wuz poppin b?

    1. ahhyourbad


      nothing much bea


    2. Spider




  4. Thanks for joining me today. FossilTech has been going forth with an update to the server for what seems like a long time now. Well the waiting is finally over FossilTeck Is Live Now. We like to you come check out the new content with all new revived ranked, new mods to play with and more. Hope you can check out the new world on hover boards and see if you can master Being a Alchemist/Magic/Dino Robot! Lets go guys Fossil Tech is now a more worth while pack. Sinisterly Manager/Staff Download link is https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/fossiltech.866781
  5. up to 24 hours and you got witch right?
  6. your killing me smalls
  7. Me know stuff!
  8. Time to kill zambie.
  9. Hello. Fellow Dino's, It has come to my attention that Fossil Tech needs to be updated and be brought into a new Era. The age before the Meteor! I have taken the Last Dino eggs and will be taking them to a new world. A world with treasure,adventure,exploration and of course Dino's.Helping me breed new exciting things for fossil tech. Will be Clipz, Soulless, and Araidia. What type of creations will come to light only Time will tell MUAHAHA We will see how cross breeding changes the game! Always remember Players are friends not food.
  10. It has come to my attention that the pack for infamy is lacking alot of what made infamy a great pack. The new pack is not really like the old infamy and wich I have concluded that a update is needed. Suggestions for 1.6.4 or 1.7.10 mods for infamy would be great. So I can get a feel for what the comunity has to say.
  11. Nah I'll just delete your 0 layer data just to make sure. Lol Luv ahhhhhh
  12. Hey great job man for finding this. Next reset should help alot with this. Since we can't update it this reset since it could change id's.
  13. There is no stable build for mffs for 1.7.10 and no stable build for icbm for 1.7.10. The closet thing to icbm would be defence tech. For ars I would like to see that come back in.
  14. lol child's play
  15. No terrorist please.