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  1. wut.
  2. Yea I like this we need MORE!! Keep up the good work guys.
  3. I keep crashing, ive tried it all, redownloading and restarting pc,  etc etc mulitple times, however ive been playing for weeks before this. Can i get some help please?

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    2. lewis9922
    3. lewis9922


      i`ll try that now

    4. lewis9922


      it isnt that

      my singleplayer works, its just when i join the server. a friend of mine who also has the same problem is on teamspeak, i cant join as my pc has no sound and the ts download isnt working for me, so he will reply info for me, if you are able to get on

  4. You try deleting the pack? And re downloading it?
  5. Try deleting the pack and re downloading it.
  6. Dam savage.
  7. Thanks yerry it makes my day!
  8. Your waiting on a reply to your ban appeal? So how does a unban nor apply to your post and mine was a poem too just in paragraph form and it does not rthm or make since,vut is still a poem. Lol and keep posting I love to comment on people's forum posts it makes me happy thanks jerry.
  9. Hey i just donated the rank magician at wizards academy 

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    2. ahhyourbad


      ahh i see that ill add you when i get on.

    3. Pheeem




  10. Looks like I'm the only staff that's reply s to you yerry. Hey just buy a ts and server unban and one for you buddie as well. I gave you a solution to fix your problem l. Your Welcome 50$ US Money For THE Both Of you.
  11. So it seems like some of the items were duped. So I took them also the said god items will not be refunded since they were duped as well. Now the items in the chest the ones that arent duped i have returned to you.
  12. It's not we believe your or not. The issue is usally when it comes to these types of items it's a one time deal. That being said people like to dupe these items and they give them to their alts or friends to hold on too. This could of happened and you found some said items. Even if you found them fair if they are duped we have to take them. With this being said I'll look into every god that's been on the server since the update if they all have the items from their chest or at least the ones in your chest we night have a issue there are ways to check people's items to see if they messed with the meta data or ids. I look fut her into this when I get home and see what I can do but in the mean time your items for your echest have been taken and placed in one of our evidence vaults untel we can determine if it's duped or not. Shouldnt be too long.