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  1. Hello more NEWSSSS!!! Infamy well soon be done, It would of been done sooner but my job wants to screw me for the last couple of weeks and I can not work on the server because of this. Don't worry tho I have talked to Clipz and we decided on Sparky for Manager since he has years of experience running and maintaining servers. We are just waiting on grant or clipz to give his keys to the server so he can pick up from where I left off. Hopefully everything runs smoothly and we should be able to release soon and be able to update the new pack and release that as well. I hope you guys can understand and we here JAC are trying to adjust our schedules so we can give you a quality gaming network.
  2. Hey have you try ed restarting your computer?
  3. wut the fuck man!

  4. Yes. It all depends on how many online hours you have.
  5. Hello a little while ago I have posted different threads about infamy and Today we are about 90% done with the server and 100% done with the pack! All we have left is to add buy craft some plugins need to be tweaked and a spawn build a ospawn build and a pvp build. The pvp build is done and we will be working on the spawns next. here some picks of the pvp map. Wake Island Thank you beta testers for all your hard work to make this happen! The server will be ready soon and get ready to start throwing rockets at each other!
  6. So recipes are done ranks are done kits for the most part are done the final version will be released soon. All that's left now is spawn and buy craft. Going to get in touch with bouncy and marxs to get the ball rolling almost time to start blasting those nukes.
  7. Updates are going nicely we have have fix most issues along with removing mods and fixed recipes. We should be ready soon just working on a final update and start working on spawn and donor ranks
  8. I'm going to accept everyone here. As soon as I get my console access back I can start letting people on the server.
  9. soon
  10. I have gotten my console access back and I will be giving the mod-pack out to the beta testers along with the ip. Look forward to working with all the beta testers.
  11. ACCEPTED!!!!
  12. http://jacgaming.com/index.php?/forums/forum/19-general-discussion/
  13. Hello and today Infamy will be going into closed beta to get things good and ready for the update. I was given the OK to have people be able to join the server. Now players and staff please submit a beta app here on this thread, if you would like a spot. Spots are limited i have 5 spots open right now. Further treat the beta app like a staff app use the same format, just alter the "why i want to be staff to- why i want to beta test" Beta testers will have some special perks when the mod-pack launches.
  14. Lets just say I'm on a boat Bxtch.
  15. The pack is ready and we are doing ranks, plugins, recipe fixes, worlds and spawn buildings. Things will be updated here often to keep you guys well informed.