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  1. Store

    Hello Everyone, We have disabled the store for a tiny bit as we adjust some back-end settings, it will be back shortly.
  2. --DO NOT POST BAN APPEALS or "Why was I banned" topics in general chat-- That is THIS forum and all other "General Discussion" sections Please use the ban appeal section. These topics will be deleted.
  3. Wrong forum. Please file a ban appeal in the ban appeal sections.
  4. Hello Everyone, As you may or may not be aware, Frun is no longer the manager of Lapitos. Currently husker0087 and I are acting as managers until a replacement is chosen. Currently we are NOT accepting applications, but you can apply and the new manager will review it. We have also gotten the player shops up, and are working on the server shop. If you notice any problems, please let us know. If anyone has anything Frun was working on for you, please let us know. Thanks!
  5. Ok cool, thanks! I'll take a look at it.
  6. Look at AMD's Ryzen, it's a good competitor to the I5/I7 series from Intel...
  7. This post is not about fosseltech. I am not working on that server; it's status will be updated as the staff that is working on it make progress.
  8. All done, and a bit faster now
  9. AgesPVP Alpha Testing

    Hello Everyone! I'm excited to announce that AgesPVP is open to public Alpha testing! Fire up your 1.8.x (1.8.9 recommended) client and connect to For full details, take a look at the forum post in the AgesPVP forum, as there is a bunch of details in that post. Feel free to join us on teamspeak at
  10. Hello Everyone! AgesPVP is officially open to Alpha testing! To connect, get a 1.8.x client and connect to AgesPVP is a 1.8.x (1.8.9 recommended) Factions server with custom enchants and mechanics. Currently We have about 85% of the vision of AgesPVP realized. We're missing a couple of bits, and need to refine the kits. During the Alpha phase, you can buy ranks with in-game money; these are located on the wall by the shop. Please test out this mechanic as it is critical to our store. The general progression in this server is a mix of grind, build and luck. There are two primary currencies - Money and XP. Money lets you buy physical things, such as ingots, blocks and monster spawners. XP lets you buy custom enchant books. These books give you a chance for a enchant within 5 categories. These enchants also have a chance of working or not. Your goal is to get high chance books and apply them to your armor and weapons. If you get a crappy enchant, you can take it to the tinkerer and he'll give you some magical dust that has a chance of increasing the successful rate on a book. Because this is a factions server to raid you must learn how to TNT cannon; and learn how to protect your base from them. --------- Rules/Store: AgesPVP is going to be ran differently than the current JAC servers; First off it is a PG server. This means that your actions, faction names, nicknames must remain in check. Normal banter and tomfollery IS fine; however cursing etc is not. We do have a chat filter and bypassing it will result in mutes etc. Ranks will work differently - Because this is a vanilla server, we must follow the Mojang EULA as it relates to purchases. These are NOT donations. If you want to donate, please do it on the JAC donation page. The Store will be done though buycraft; not the main JAC site - as it will be 100% automated. We're still working on the 100% official rules, so the current /rules are a copy of the Idreams+my old server rules from about 3 years ago. We do want to hear input from you; so please put it in the Proper Forums, if you try and give a suggestion directly to staff you'll be told to put it here. --------- Staff: If you want to be staff on AgesPVP, please apply in the forums (I'll be setting the link up today) If you where staff on ANY of the servers I was staff on - Lapitos/Idreams about 3 years ago or Sanctuary's Cove - please let me know. Unfortunately due to my work (IT) I don't remember everyone's names; so don't be offended if I don't remember you. In order to be staff you MUST be active on TS, and in-game. The alpha will be a good time to demonstrate this to me. -------- The JAC/Ages connection: I've talked about this before, but I want to make sure it's out there - AgesPVP is a joint effort between JAC Gaming and Myself. After some discussions about three months ago, I started working on this to help build up to the minecraft side of JAC. A couple of bits of info - we're sharing website and TS. The game servers are NOT hosted on JAC resources (mainly to keep performance up for everyone), and the domain and concept are owned by me. Operations wise for the most part normal JAC command structure applies; Server Manager (me) -> Sr Admin -> JR Admin -> Mod -> Chatmod; Any complaints/problems shall be filed in the appropriate section of the forums; If you have an issue with me as a manager, please try and discuss it with me first, and we'll try and sort though it if you want. We're still working on cementing how this whole thing will fit together so things may change.
  12. Hello Everyone, The server will be down on 1/28 and 1/29 for server maintenance as we move it and AgesPVP to a new faster connection. We'll let everyone know when it's back up.
  13. Below is a list of known bugs and their status: Soul (Gems, Enchants, Books) don't work. ----- We can't disable them without breaking everything. Mystery Spanners don't work. ----- We can't disable them without breaking everything.
  14. Thanks for letting us know about an issue. There is a list of known issues stickied to this forum. When reporting an issue, please be as detailed as possiable. Some things to include are: What where you doing? Was there a specific item involved? Was there specific conditions for it to happen, such as having to be in a specific spot etc. Do you have video (Video is VERY helpful!) or a screenshot? When are you normally on so we can teleport to you and see it/test/troubleshoot. Thanks Marx1 AgesPVP Manager