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  1. The reason this is not added in is because this was added in a later version of Applied Energistics. I did some research and the energy bridge was added in rv12-a when voltz is running AE version rv11-c, according to their website. The only problem with this is that I couldn't confirm which version of AE voltz is running, I have no idea whether the site is updated or not.
  2. Can you get me one of these? I need a new pc, mine has broken down three times within 4 months. Also, what does it look like?
  3. iDreams has been updated to 2.0.4, the newest version of voltz. We are keeping JAC Voltz at 1.0.11 for now.
  4. Look in the settings options for voltz, you should be able to choose which version of voltz you want to play on.
  5. I like this theme way better than the old one, to be honest.
  6. yeah...
  7. Feed The Beast Down

  8. Have a sweet time in venice, may all your good wishes be with you.
  9. dns hasn't updated, can take up to 48 hrs.
  10. Updated.
  11. Hai. Need help? Just message me on the forums.

  12. It's happened to me before.
  13. My favorite game: Team Fortress 2.