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  1. Yeah, my wall is almost finished. Soooo many blocks! 

  2. Its me mattheon, wanted to see how you were doing mang.

  3. USA! USA! USA! Whether you're red or blue, liberal or libertarian, thrilled or suicidal following the election, let's all take it out on each other on Saturday in one of our [now] traditional JAC Texas Hold'Em Tournaments! The same rules as always apply - the overall winner of the tournament/s gets to wear the Texas Hold'Em Hero TS rank with pride, forever, and no buy-ins after going bust until a winner is determined. After we crown a winner, we can play as dirty as we want to. After the tournament we will wind down with karaoke, and will be awarding $20 credit OR a small bundle of Steam keys to whoever can sing the most beautiful version of our national anthem. We will award $10 credit to whoever sings or raps the best song of their choice. Come by, bring your friends, make it tremendous, make JAC great again!
  4. I found another corrupted chunk Vo, i need help :'C

    i cant use teamspeak you are my only hope

  5. Weeaboo rtp'ed to a corrupted chunk and is now crashing the server, can you help him? Also, remove rtp from fossiltech?

    1. VoSkorbia


      Bub, I'm not the manager of FossilTech, it's up to the manager/s whether they want to recode or remove RTP. Weeaboo is fixed. For future reference, please install teamspeak and message or join the room of an admin or manager, you will get seen to far more quickly, 



  6. And that's from my webcam
  7. I just saw this. I was replying to you in private at the time, why you chose to then post this publicly is beyond me. I offered to send Leone to you to either delete your player data or get your coords and edit a possible base corruption. You make us look like this:
  8. Help me please, I am on a corrupted chunk at FossilTech and it is crashing the server all the time I log in!!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. VoSkorbia


      ok, is this on the player named phobos4 or deimos4? both have data 

    3. VoSkorbia
    4. Deimos4


      its ok now, thank you!!

  9. Calling all players with addictive personalities, We're holding a Governor of Poker tournament today at 1700 EST - the usual Saturday time we were running every week for a while. As always, don't worry if you've never played poker - we're here to initiate you an then take all your money. Jk, well, sort of. This is being held on ts.jacgaming.com, come one, come all, but no other variations of that phrase, as this is a non-PG, 18+, under 18s welcome, X-rated, fun for all the family event. See you soon!
  10. Im having a problem with fossil tech it keeps saying fatal has occured, this connection is teminated is wait said everytime, need help



  11. Ladies & gentlemen, the JAC FossilTech server is up and running! Please join us on the server and the teamspeak channel group to celebrate with us! If you had a donation rank from when the server was under previous management, please contact a higher up! And most of all have fun! - V, G & the FossilTech Manager & insomniac staff team! P.S.: In keeping with server tradition, these are the types of chatMods and Mods we're hiring - please apply if you're quadrospazzed