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  1. Towny. Survival. Factions. Has it all.
  2. WOW!
  3. Anybody know what I can do to make it work??
  4. I cant seem to connect to the server?
  5. Its says that 70 slots in temporary I believe.
  6. Will the starter kits be upgraded on Idreams? And nice specs... Its runs great!
  7. Thank you for the info angel! I look forward to seeing the new starter kit. Warleysa
  8. Looks good. I like it. Great job!
  9. It corrupted itself.
  10. Yea goturnads.
  11. It was corrupted so they lost everything.
  12. Get on the teamspeak. Usually a admin is on to help you.
  13. Problem resolved
  14. I donated when it was April 26th in the US. I live in Atlanta. I donated $20 and did not receive the correct rank unless its only UK date and time. I think it should be considered to be on the 26th because it was the 26th where I am. Thanks for your help! Sam My in game name is warleysa