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  1. Yes it will be online and still is.
  2. Players will not have to pay the $5 dollar fee to transfer their donator rank to Ascension.
  3. Yes, Donator Ranks will be transferred over to the new server. PS: Since it's a beta server, ranks won't be transferred until the pack reaches full release
  4. Hello everyone! For the past couple of weeks we've been working hard to develop the iDreams Ascension Pack. The pack is still in a beta stage because we want to make sure the pack is stable enough once it's ready for full release.Feel free to come and try out the pack and the server. Any suggestions will be reviewed and taken into consideration. Also, this is a temporary thread, a new thread will be made specifically for Ascension Server. Link to the modpack.
  5. Will it be to all the kits or just the starter kit?
  6. well that's great...As an Admin I always make a copy of the worlds into my personal pc in case something happens. as a student in server side management and web management you can never be too careful, its something that the staff should take into consideration...... And I'm noy pissed at the staff, I'm pissed at the fact that I put 12hrs a day for a week into this server and now all my efforts we're for nothing... And I think some people here agree with me
  7. ok fine... but i have my own local server to play with my friends and i always make 3 different back ups on separate drives just in case...
  8. what about the back up?
  9. So does that mean we lost the world?