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  1. Heh, it's okay. I'm trying to join the server today. By the way, my new MC account is "vaniac".
  2. Alright ummmm How do I put this, nobody will probably recognize me right now, but I've been a part of the JACgaming for a LONG LONG time. If you look at my profile, I made this account in 2013 or something haha. I don't even know if I can even post here (sorry if I violate any rules haha). But I believe I mostly played Tekkit and Voltz in JAC and even was a moderator of some sort. I believe I was a Lapis donator (if it even exists anymore). I quit playing in JAC because I lost my Minecraft account, but hey. I'm back now. I hope I'll meet some familiar faces and I might tune in to some servers later this day. Please don't ban me if I posted in the wrong section haha I still remember some names like Josua(some numbers), some Owl guy and taytotom. Have a nice day or something :^) EDIT: my bad, I actually made this account in 2012. But I've been a part of the community for a bit longer than that. EDIT2: I see taytotom still using a signature I made for him back in 2013 haha.
  3. Yay! Something related to Garry's Mod!
  4. Yes, I'm going to agree on you with that. But you had told me that 500x500px is max, so 1980x1050 is way out of its league. I guess I'll just do it by the eye. I'll start tomorrow, because I'm a little too tired for that now.
  5. I'm not looking for the maximum resolution. I'm trying to get my hands on the recommended resolution, if any.
  6. Good to have you ALL back <3
  7. Hmm. I could do that, I suppose. What's the recommended size of the banner? (in pixels) EDIT: Just noticed that the topic is quite old. Is it still needed?
  8. Tay! Good to see you mate<3 Never heard of a darpRP server. I assume you meant DarkRP. Let's do it!
  9. Hello mates! It's been a long time I last was here. The forum has changed ALOT and looks fancy as heck. I might or might not start playing Minecraft again, but when a JAC Garry's Mod server is launched, then hit me up. I'm always in the mood for playing Garry's Mod. I really have no idea how long I've been away from this community, yet I miss it so much. Lots of memories. Both good and bad ^-^ All of you. Everyone in this community is like a family to me. I see lots of new faces here and I'm glad to see it. The community seems to be growing in a nice way. I've been away because of some IRL problems that I'm not going to focus on right now in this topic. If any of you are interested in adding my Steam. Then go ahead. I've got two accounts. Vaniac the 1st and Vaniac the 2nd (with the smileys ofcourse) See you guys in the future and keep up the good work. Proud of you :')
  10. A few days ago I had applied to become an offical Fullscreen Network partner. And two days ago they replied that I'm accepted Being a partner of the Fullscreen Network means that I'm actually a partner with the Youtube itself, although the Fullscreen Network will take 30% out of my gains. (To keep the websites and stuff up). This means that I will be uploading videos more often! Thank you for supporting me in any way! So I decided to make a video about it (Yes I know there's a grammatical mistake in the thumbnail) :
  11. Thaaank youu. I had people telling me that on their screen the picture is with grey borders. Probably because my monitor is so old, that YouTube's layout doesn't really support my resolution. Thus I made a new one. (It's not that nice, but it's still neat, and compatible with all resolutions). The image is only 37% of the full size, so try to imagine it a little bigger. (Or just go onto my YT channel ^^).
  12. Yup yup. Made this for my channel The hardest part was putting it up on YouTube, because they like to mess around with the layouts.
  13. I feel such a nerd now.... I'll sit on my ass and play JACvoltz... Hooray...
  14. Took me a hour or so. The hardest part was getting on the idea of making em. Enjoy.
  15. This stuff took me 8 hours to edit. 1 hour to render it. ~700 minutes to upload it to YouTube. I hope you like this guys, took forever for me to get it done Cheers. I just noticed that YouTube made my video extra dark :L