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  1. When it says you are still chatmod, but you are actually sr admin

  2. In the words of frun "Seems like a clone of my pack"
  3. Its funny how you said i have no sense of humor and then you act like this. You truly are extremely out of your mind if you think that you can just talk about staff like this and then act like you have done nothing. You blame the staff for things out of their control, and you refuse to follow the rules. We asked you to tell us your complaints, but instead you started private discord chats to talk bad stuff about us.
  4. I was around 2013 account made, I played a bit before then.
  5. I've been on and its better than voltz
  6. Antimatter was just great. I knew him before he was staff, and well, he was awesome even then. He always knew how to make idreams a good place to be.
  7. Its me mattheon, wanted to see how you were doing mang.