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  1. It is currently up and running
  2. Everyone, so that we can show our love for you all we will at Jac Gaming will be having a Valentines day sale that will allow you 25% off in the donor store the code is Valentines Day! This sale will Run From 2/13 @11:59PM to 2/15 @11:59PM From all of us at JAC Gaming to everyone here
  3. Eagle I know for sure that I and many others will miss you From the 6 months that I worked with you on lapitos I had a lot of fun and wish you would at least stay around even if you can't be a manager anymore I would like to thank you for your time when managing lapitos and hope for you to come back when you have some free time
  4. Are you ready for battle? We are releasing our new pack War of Ascendance. Our new pack is a 1.7.10 factions PVP server where you may dawn the legendary armaments of royalty, heroes, and gods. Wage war in a diversified PVP environment be it in the city, arena, Coliseum, or the wildlands; raiding bases, slaying foes, and claiming their riches on your journey to glory! Gather allies and power; dawn the armors of war as you slay your enemies. Raise defenses around your base as you battle other players. Can you topple the dragon monarchy? Can you ascend? We hope to see you on the battle field soon! Technic Page: API: -Ascendance Staff Team
  5. oo... intresting still nooo gunnsss thou
  6. Personaly Space Engineers Is a btter game since we can get like 30ish ppl into a game Astroneer only gets like 4
  7. @SuperEpicGamer11 the server for the pack is currently down for more up to date information please visit our discord Here is the API link to get to pack for single player which is currently R5