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  1. I went for the brownies!!!
  2. Yes it was unfortunate.
  3. You will have to talk with a Wizards Academy staff on that matter so they can be aware of your name change and transfer the rank I think. FrostyTheSnowman
  4. Dang...80+ players, if only Voltz had that many people FrostyTheSnowman
  5. Hello people of the JAC community...does anyone still dwell around these areas because this place seems like a ghost town...
  6. Of course I am. Are you a true mad wolf?
  7. *Possible Future Post
  8. *Possible Future Post
  9. Application Form: Taken from @LightVelocity Minecraft IGN: Why you want to join Snowy: What experience do you have in Voltz, how long have you played Voltz? What about iDreams?: What can you offer to Snowy: Anything about you that you think we should know: Where we can contact you: (Ex: Discord) Do you solemnly pledge allegiance to Snowy. If you or one of your friends is found to have betrayed us in any way your base will be destroyed and your stay in our faction will be terminated.
  10. Hello players of the JAC iDreams Voltz community. The faction known as Snowy is now open to applications to join our elite faction. We are looking for experienced players who know their way around Voltz as well as new players who are willing the learn how to work with ICBM, Applied Energistics, & many other great mods in Voltz. Below are some rules & guidelines for our faction. Rules: 1. Respect fellow members of the faction as well as those across other factions. Disrespect won’t be tolerated. 2. Don’t scam new players into giving you all their stuff. If someone needs help then assist them in what you can. 3. Respect higher ranked faction members as they have greater authority. Disrespectful actions will result in demotion or a kick from the faction. 4. If you need materials ask me (Frosty23_) before asking other faction members or outsiders since I will most likely be able to provide it. 5. Use some common sense before asking questions or arguing. *Failure to comply with the above rules will result in a kick or demotion depending on the severity of the violation. Current Members: member list will be updated tomorrow (november 27th) Fill out the below form if interested in joining! Thanks - FrostyTheSnowman
  11. Best of luck in your new Voltz server, maybe we’ll see you back when iDreams gets back on it’s feet.

  12. Agreed, discord was so we could talk about what we would like to see for iDreams. Thanks - Frosty
  13. Also please stop doing these stupid applications. LightVelocity works hard for his faction. (Biggest one on iDreams) It's annoying to look through all these inappropriate applications! Thanks - Frosty
  14. All LightVelocity asked for is for his base to be refunded / recovered. He was denied due to lack of proof but I highly doubt he is lying. Still due to the hack I believe he deserves some sort of refund or some supplies for a new base! *This is my Opinion* Thanks - Frosty