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  1. Hey AhhYourBad i donated for thaumaturge when will i get the rank(i donated today)

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    2. Curt Francis

      Curt Francis

      Uh i donated for thumb but i can't use it

    3. Curt Francis

      Curt Francis

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        1 x Thaumagician

        25.00 USD
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        25.00 USD
    4. Curt Francis

      Curt Francis

      i have the invoice 2

  2. Hey Ivanwor told me to come speak with you turns out my player data isnt corrupt its just s leap spell i had in my inventory's may i please have my stuff i really worked hard for it Thank if you get this

    1. Curt Francis

      Curt Francis

      Btw Im QuantemEnderGuy2

    2. Curt Francis

      Curt Francis

      Ok coming on now ty

  3. ahhyourbad DuskMan Banned me for 2 days for no reason whenever i died the server crashed and told me my account had a memory leak and told me to get an alt which isn't fair since i didn't do anything he has banned me twice for no reason for the same subject