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  1. Please appeal your ban in the correct location thank you.
  2. Good afternoon JAC! I wanna thank you all for being a part of this community. For those who do not know what this is it is a JAC News letter! The media team has decided to throw these together every week or every other week to show all of the important events here at JAC, We also will be relaying who won at certain events, Welcoming new staff members, Congratulating promoted staff, and Announcing server releases/Updates! First off. Servers Wizard Academy - Restart. Infamy - Has been released Come out and join us!. Voltz - May have a few things in the future. Lapito - May have a few things in the future. Fossil Tech - May have a few things in the future.(Have not spoken with the manager yet.) Pixelmon - May have a few things in the future. (Have not spoken with the manager yet.) Second. Congratulate new staff. Chatmods - Marshmallow Mj33 Hometown/Indexal ZambiesBrains LKsDaddy Third. Promotions. Eagle_Monster from Lapito SR Admin -> Lapito Manager Kylian_wes01 from Voltz SR Admin -> Voltz Manager Jackzter2000 from Volz Chatmod -> Voltz Moderator Araidia from FT Moderator -> FT JR Admin (A little late but she deserved to be congratulated) Fourth and final. Media team is looking for members! We are only accepting 3 to 5 new members! If you guys are interested please contact @Sparky555554 on a private DM or @ me on the discord and I will speak about it privately to you. Thank you for reading and being a member of this community Sincerely - Media Team
  3. Hi did none of the posted fixes work? If nothing else the last one should work. Have you played on the server in the recent past? as your playerdata may be corrupted, which would be a seperate fix. Unfortunately im unable to access that crash report. can you post it through pastebin?
  4. Richardbob, unfortunately with the amount of information you have presented there isnt much i could do with it. Could you send a crash report? it would make ti a lot easier to determine the cause of the crash. Otherwise you can attempt a few tricks that tend to work for people in the past 1. Allocate more ram. You can do this on the launcher screen. 2. Disable Terrain Animation. Go into options on the title screen, video settings, then animations to disable it. 3. Uninstall Wizard's Academy and reinstall.