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  1. k, thanks Eagle
  2. I have bought the first two ranks just hoping that one of them had the digiminer(mechanism) kit but they don't( first kit says it does tho) and in-game i have /back which i shouldn't have until explorer rank. according to the store. Thanks for considering this, as i have no idea what i buy when i do
  3. Alright, apparently its fixed now, must have been a weird software/game glich.
  4. When ever i try to log onto the lapitos server i cant get on, it gets stuck at "logging in" then says simply "timed out" and i was just able to get onto the server last night so i'm in a hole and i cant get out. Unless something changed on your end i'm never getting back on. I have tried closing the game and restarting, restarting my router, and re-downloading the pack all to no avail. Any help will be appreciated
  5. Nope
  6. Since Big reactors might be removed next reset and eagle did say if i could find a mod like big reactors,then he would look at it. I may have found one that could work(haven't tested it quite yet, but i might look into it later today). Its called advanced generators. Also, while i'm suggesting mods I have one more to suggest. This one is called Adventure backpacks. The mod does have some issues, but i have never experienced them with any of the mods currently in the server. Edit: Adventure backpack mod might have a high chance of crashing with the gravestones mod, as when you die the backpack places itself, i haven't verified this but came to my mind and wanted to make sure it's known.
  7. I don't play on Voltz, but if your chunk was corrupted you probably wouldn't be able to even walk into that chunk. I may be wrong as there are several types of chunk corruptions, but if your client crashes then it should crash as soon as you walk into it. Maybe try to time it and if it crashes after say "x" amount of time, that can lead somewhere.
  8. OK may i ask what you tried to log on, as it either your connection or the server crashed and isn't automatically starting(there's a time for the past two nights the server just hasn't been starting-- around 7 P.M. U.S central time). Side Note: when you said "the server will start" say client instead of server. The client is minecraft on your side of things, like internet, and some client side mods like optifine. Optifine is something i run but the server doesn't have the optifine mod in it because its client side(the server would crash if it had the optifine mod). The server side of things is when the server just fails to start(given).