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  1. It's driving me crazy how I can't play! I keep having the urge but keep crashing.
  2. Ah. I finally found what effect is crashing me. It even says it on minechem's wiki labeled as the "crasher." It seems as the effect nausea 3 is giving me the effect of crashing. Interesting. Edit: I still cannot get back on. Still crashing me in the same way.
  3. I seem to crash a couple seconds after I get on. I can see myself login but I am frozen until I am doomed to crash.
  4. Will do
  5. Here is a pastebin of the crash report: http://pastebin.com/qBdxjwer
  6. To me and a friend of mine, that being MLGPRO888 keep crashing whenever we try to join the server. This item from Minechem (Hyoscyamine) seems to crash us when we drink it. Unknowingly, we drank it and crash each time we get on the server. I do wish that this item would be banned on the Lapito's Galaticraft's Server and remove effects (as I do believe this is an effect caused by the Hyoscyamine) from MLGPRO88 and MinerX96's account.