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  1. I am wanting to purchase the deluxe ME set for voltz, does that have a sale on it too? because when i go to checkout the price is still the same as it was before... if this is a glitch do you have a coupon code i could have?
  2. I completely agree with frosty. I understand I have not been a perfect angel nor have I said I was. I have started a discord this much is true, but it was not for ill purposes. Yes we have discussed staff matters but the purpose was like that of the TeamSpeak.
  3. People have posted applications that were non sense and I am upset that I have to spend my time to look over applications where people have ill intentions towards my faction. The staff on that server disgusted me to the point where they lost a donator and a player. They were the only reasons I left and that includes you MsTactical.
  4. Also I can tell MsTactical asked you to do this for her guys. You do realize the reason I left the server is because of people like you who are immature, and you are staff! take more initiative than spam a "kid's" faction application page. This is just sad. At least act like staff should be.
  5. MsTactical even if your application was the best I have ever seen you would still be denied, due to lack of respect for the leader, lucky you didn't want in.
  6. Frosty please do not approve things to my faction without my consent considering you arent even a jr. member, if you do so again, it will be an act of war. You have been warned. ~ LightVelocity BOS.svg
  7. ExultedOne, your application will be reviewed by some of my advisors. But the chances of you being accepted have been slightly lowered due to A. You are staff therefore have been here a long time and you must have good resources B. You claimed you own one of the oldest factions on the server, you could be a rival faction to the BOS. Again I can not give you a direct answer right now but I will contact you in game or on your skype for any updates!
  8. Please join the BOS! Your destiny is waiting! Join now and recieve funding and kind, welcoming friends! :D


  9. Frosty, your application has been denied due to: You are a rival faction, and you do not meet qualifications, my sincere apologies. LightVelocity BOS.svg
  10. Welcome to the page where you journey to riches begins! Have you been looking for the perfect faction of not only a great amount of resources and funding for your Voltz base, but also a kind and welcoming community where you can hide, make new friends, or just play!? We are a faction perfect for all ages! Fill out the application below and be on your way to glory! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minecraft IGN: Why you want to join the BOS: What experience do you have in Voltz, how long have you played Voltz? What about iDreams? What can you offer to the BOS: Anything about you, you think we should know: Where we can contact you: (Ex: Skype or kik) Do you solemnly pledge allegiance to the BOS and swear you will turn in any betrayers whether it is your sibling, your friend, or acquaintance: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a reply, private message me, or contact me in game. ~Yours truely, LightVelocity ~The name BOS (Brotherhood of steel) comes from the game "Fallout 4" BOS logo 1.svg