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  1. The staff application is up feel free to give it a visit on the forums -WarriorOGaming
  2. You forgot Brian Charles Lara , Sir Gary Sobers
  3. .

  4. Marx1 thank you for understanding I really don't think anyone else understood what I was trying to bring about
  5. Thank you I understand this but once again where I am from, not much people use technic launcher . However you raised a good point that is why a towny server is excellent.... It's something different and the towny plugin is a lot more fun than the factions plugin
  6. thank you for returning and for everything so far -WarriorOGaming
  7. I have been with JAC Gaming for about 1.5 years now and I have been through some really frequent abut necessary changes. I am readily known for the FOSSIL TECH Giant. I have experienced some changes that I am not to happy about and one of them are the lack of players. I have revised a solution to help with fixing this. I am not from the US, I am from Trinidad and Tobago and Minecraft is a very popular game, it ranks alongside games like FIFA and COD however this is VANILLA MINECRAFT. Not many people know about Technic Launcher and those that do don't like using it. I know that there is a new Vanilla Server that is surfacing AGES PVP and personally I cant wait but again PVP is not a strong point. Here's my IDEA that I know is in demand and people will actually enjoy JAC GAMING (first) FACTION/TOWNY Server I have worked with these types of servers before and I know that the player demand is high and so it is...... the best faction server at this moment is COSMICPVP and I sure think that JACGAMING can do a much more marvelous job than that so who is with me JACERS HPOE YOU AGREE.... LOVE PEACE RESPECT to my fellow gamers -WarroirOGaming
  8. Great Idea Bouncy nice building -WarriorOGaming