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  1. I found another corrupted chunk Vo, i need help :'C

    i cant use teamspeak you are my only hope

  2. Weeaboo rtp'ed to a corrupted chunk and is now crashing the server, can you help him? Also, remove rtp from fossiltech?

    1. VoSkorbia


      Bub, I'm not the manager of FossilTech, it's up to the manager/s whether they want to recode or remove RTP. Weeaboo is fixed. For future reference, please install teamspeak and message or join the room of an admin or manager, you will get seen to far more quickly, 



  3. Help me please, I am on a corrupted chunk at FossilTech and it is crashing the server all the time I log in!!

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    2. VoSkorbia


      ok, is this on the player named phobos4 or deimos4? both have data 

    3. VoSkorbia
    4. Deimos4


      its ok now, thank you!!

  4. edit: It is crashing the server all the time!
  5. Please delete Deimos4 player data on FossilTech!! I am on a corrupted chunk and it is disconnecting me all the time!
  6. server is crashing all the time i log in, i bet there is a problem with the chunks i am standing. Help me please
  7. is it open already?
  8. Any release dates so far? I'm thrilled to play again! Best server ever!!
  9. There's a bright side of a new reset, now we have the opportunity to try new things, explore a brand new world and hopefully enjoy a ~smoother~ experience! Just the fact that the server is coming back makes me very happy, and if you guys need any kind of help just let me know! I am a new player but i like the server so much!
  10. the server is down