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  1. Ok after speaking with Death and Marx1 on the issue, and after seeing this logs given by Delta, there is plenty of reasons shown for the ban from the JACGaming teamspeak. The bans will remain in effect until further notice. I will speak with the other community directors and the director of operations on this issue to determine the fate of the ones effected by this ban from both of our engineers.
  2. its not a bug that was due to the server being offline
  3. fox are you still experiencing the issue?
  4. its about time lol
  5. Avnojedi, that is the thing when it comes for mod pack updates. Not everything will always remain the same as the previous. Goto make things unique with each server and pack update that we do.
  6. Attention WA players, Due to some issues with the new pack update for both client and server side, we have whitelisted the server for maintenance. The server should be back up on Friday 1/27.
  7. From my understanding it is from one of the mods that was uploaded into the pack, just goto wait on the update through technic
  8. Hello Voltzinc, We are already aware about the issue going on, the managers are working on to correct that issue with the pack. Please be patient
  9. HeartTwizzler, I understand your concern and complaint about the issue going on with WA's donor mines. However the managers have a point. They both earned their position as managers for a reason, they have earned our complete trust and faith to manage and run WA. We would never hire anyone as a manager if we didn't feel that they can handle running a server. Once they find out about who had grieved the donor mines, then the mines will be back open again. It is not the manager's faults that there is a donator in WA who decided to ruin what the rest of the donors are given. If you have any other issues about this, you may contact me on TeamSpeak, I'm usually around. Best of luck!
  10. Huskar you and the volunteers that spent time with you have done a great job with the spawn and the initial setup for this pack and server. Looking forward to see how well the server does once it is out of beta.
  11. Server should be out of whitelist now guys
  12. Taken care of, sorry for the long wait louichano
  13. Looking good as all your builds do Bouncy