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  1. Welcome Back! I'm proud to announce the return of Fossil Tech and it's long awaited launch! I have been working hard to get things back in order and bring some new mods and events into the server! We now have Dinosaurs roaming the world freely, so be careful not to get eaten or even stomped upon while picking flowers. The server has a freshly generated world, and welcomes you with open arms! Come show of your survival skills and prove to be the best against the T-Rex!
  2. Actually, I intended for it to be taken as a funny joke, though now I see you are not one for humor nor laughs. I did not "ask people too make an app". They did it on there own. I Apologize that my simple joke made you feel upset, and cause you to feel I am "Immature". We as people do not make you leave the server, you choose yourself to leave, (though people can influence the decision). As for "Spamming" your faction application, I do not see it counted as Spam due to the point in which we all were filling out applications. I did not come on here and spam hateful things nor did I come on an make multiple posts about off topic subjects. I hope you have a Wonderful day. Sorry for the Inconvenience. -MsTactical
  3. Minecraft IGN: ~Leader Of The Tacticals: MsTactical (WE ARE NUMBER ONE) Why you want to join the BOS (Bowl Of Salad): ~I am definitely a Player of Voltz and would be a 10/10 asset to this team. I am God. I know EVERYTHING about Voltz. Add Me. What experience do you have in Voltz, how long have you played Voltz? What about iDreams? ~I once walked around spawn In Voltz, As well as IDreams. What can you offer to the BOS(Bowl Of Salad): ~I offer having a Grill in the group. I am a grill. I can like... Grill like a grill. Anything about you, you think we should know: ~I am a Weezard Harry. You cannot know anything about me due to my secret service in the WEARENUMBERONE society. All you need to know is I am the Number One, I am the ONLY number one. Everyone else is second. God Bless America. Donald trump wave. Im out. Where we can contact you: (Ex: Skype or kik) ~Through Telepathic mind waves. Considering this is actually possible, I assume you do not have this ability. Therefore you cannot contact me. I am an Alien. Do you solemnly pledge allegiance to the BOS and swear you will turn in any betrayers whether it is your sibling, your friend, or acquaintance: ~I solemnly pledge allegiance to Bowl Of Salad and swear I will give out our base items to help my friends or family. SHARING IS CARING! #Canadia! ~~Leader Of The Tactical's:MsTactical
  4. I can already say I am proud of the work that has been done behind scenes, and within the server. I am excited to jump on and fool around with the many mods I have come to love, and rebuild my master space station MWAHAH! Anyhow glad to see the server being worked on and put into action! Great Job IDreams Staff!