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  1. I would if I still had rep to give :/
  2. Why can't people see that i'm not trying to put servers like iDreams into turmoil, stop thinking poorly of me!

  3. There are many ways to not get raided in this server, or any server that may have mods similar to iDreams Voltz. 1.) Choose your base location wisely; Base location can mean everything, good base locations can be those from places such as: The Nether The moon (be careful of asteroids as they fall on player bases) A Personal Space Station (if you defend the spawn you can be unraidable, but please read the rules on the space station law) The end (make it far far away!) Underneath the surface of the overworld (so within 15-20 blocks up from bedrock, because no-one likes bedrock fog). 2.) Make your base out of durable material; making your base out of wood will not cut it, you may make the interior walls wood or anything else but the exterior must be of a strong material such as reinforced concrete, obsidian, the other concretes or even MFFS machines as they are super strong. 3.) Be careful where you place your base; is your base at 3,000 2,500? well make it higher! It will make raiders travel much further to find your base and may even make yours exclusively hard to find. Many experienced players make their bases at 10-20k 10-20k as it's far from spawn and is hard to get to. 4.) Think of cheaters; cheaters are everywhere on any game that you go on, whether they duplicate, use hacked clients or use more simple things like x-ray which is often hard to escape from. Many 1.5.2 x-ray versions cannot see through lava and uncommon blocks like uranium, so take the time to smother the outer wall of your base in lava to defend your base against attack and to stop x-rayers from finding your base (depending if their x-ray is good or not). 5.) Utilise proper defence; You may think "But Fax! my matrix should deter people from raiding me >:D" NO! matrix's are sometimes not enough. To bypass a matrix you need to consume an enchanted Golden apple (Tips for y'all raiders ;P) that allows them to not instantly die; although they do still lose their stuff. Utilise extra defence on a base such as more EMP towers to combat missiles and Radars to alert you to potential raiders. Or add so much that anyone crashes or has low FPS when they go to your base 6.) Base... Portability?? Why not try making a small base that can store your items in which is smaller than 48 blocks in span? use force manipulators on it to move your base around the world to constantly keep moving! either above world, below world or even in space?! (thanks @Kylian with yo tunnel bores :P) If you have other suggestions to add to this list, please feel free to use it, weather it be on this server or other JAC servers and I hope you have a safe future.)
  4. Quote of the day:

    "In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed."

  5. It seems that no-one ever took this faction seriously. I almost feel sorry for you. But I have no feelings...
  6. This is a website conversation filler as no-one speaks on it... I am alone :/
  7. "He who cannot put his thoughts on ice, should not enter the heat of dispute."

  8. #BringBackFox!

  9. Lol, all of these new factions claiming they're powerful, heres a tip; seeing as i'm banned for the rest of my life, go to the 20k, 20k co-ords and rip it apart, I have a base there with a lot of stuff.
  10. I'm so in, this might be a chance to restart the vanilla server cus it's dead i also suggest you post the ip so people know it because not many people do.