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  1. Minecraft IGN: ahhyourfrun Why you want to join the BS: i would really cherish this experience and feel i can learn alot from your almighty wisdom and guidance; I am a very special snowflake and have made many forcefields and many antimatters because they r cuul. What experience do you have in Voltz, how long have you played Voltz? What about iDreams? I played alot back in the day ya know? What can you offer to the BS: I have plenty of Pain meds, we can all OD together. Anything about you, you think we should know: I am a cripple and take pain meds to take the edge off my chronic pain. Where we can contact you: (Ex: Skype or kik) Snapchat me XXX Kek is for losers skype is 4 nerds Do you solemnly pledge allegiance to the BS and swear you will turn in any betrayers whether it is your sibling, your friend, or acquaintance: I solemnly dolemnly swear i will r4id r enemys and send noods ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a reply, private message me, or contact me in game. ~Yours truely, LightVelocity
  2. "fun for all the family"
  3. @crazyfightertimo You can get the 5 dollar rank renewal in the current sale.
  4. @kumaroWell just to follow up on your point, we have notified people of broken planets. It has been noticed that a lack of active staff has lead to a dip in server activity, but we hope that you will come back and join us. Alot of the planets are bug-free now and the wipes are subjective by the way, there is no saying when the wipe will happen; but once we get the idea that people are not playing anymore as they have nothing to do, then we will consider wiping and changing the modpack around to bring back players to the server.
  5. Currently DefenseTech is the mod installed but due to its relation to ICBM, it would entice more people as more people are familiar with ICBM than DefenseTech @Spacebuilder2020 Most of the issues among the planets were to do with the Galacticraft mod and were beyond the control of the managers. However, after various updates on the pack (and mod developers pushing bug fixes) the majority of the planets are accessible aside from a few anomalies. @kumaro