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  1. If I could live this life again, I wouldn't change a thing.

  2. It says I cant send you a message but I got off ts

  3. There's a place I know
    That always feels like home.
    Pixels and soundbytes
    Warm digital sunlight.
    There's a place where I belong
    That feels just like a favorite song.


  4. Sick Ten Tails wallpaper

  5. yu is a good person mary your the only one who gave me =1 rep for my ban appeal


  6. There's nothing stopping you and me, 
    From making all these memories.

  7. Hello friend hope you've been well.

  8. There's a place I know, that always feels like home
    Pixels and soundbytes 
    Warm digital sunlight
    There's a place where I belong, the feels just like a favorite song
    There's a place where I can go,
    Just follow the Neon Rainbow.

  9. i didt play that game in for so long time now xD so i realy dont know xDD hehehe

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Minny07


      i do have but not use it anymore 

    3. __Marethyu_


      Hmmm... okay :3

    4. Minny07


      ^^ im on lapito all day today :D

  10. This is the MAC DADDY