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  1. kumaro Then i think we are done here sorry to see you go. Bdw about the schematics idk i saved some of them before reset and the whole spawn no idea what happend wen they reset it i wasnt there. second i agree you are fine saying some banned words like lag (Agree spaming sint allowd)so that i agree with you but about light yea i also agree he is some times child ish. But at the other hand he does good as wel and is learning yea he over reacts some times dosnt mean he is a bad ore the worst staf. I wish you wouldnt react like this if some thing like this would happen iginore him and contact a staf you are familiar with like me ore anon we try to do ore best to keep every in control and fix stuf. If you want to talk to me in private feel free to ad me on discoord Kylian_wes01#4447 Again i wish you wouldnt leave like this i feel sorry about it becouse i know what you have done in the past i am realy sorry what happend. Contact me on discoord if you would like to talk to me about it.
  2. kumaro In the first place you got muted was wrong agreed. So I unmuted you and talked to Lightveolicty in MSG. explaining that mostly the first time would be a warning and bypassing a word once isn't a big deal. I was at the same time doing some other work so I could not completely see what was all going on. but after reading the chat a little I saw you were "disrespecting lightvelocity" and he over reacted. So short story you bypassed a word 1 time okay fine. light muted you I untmuted you and talked to light and you started to disrespect him and rage. i banned you for 10 days (i hope you would come back though) Lightvelocity has some learning to do i agree i tlaked to him about that. (Oh and i dont know any thing of disabeling you from using bombs) I am not happy at all what happend and seartently not happy that i banned you but i hat to.