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  1. i have 2 emotions hungry and horny,

  2. gey
  4. wuz poppin b?

  5. kinda depends if you were banned because one of the rules stated, like exploitin or doing something to piss off the manager who im unsure who it was at the time you did it XD but if you are like banned for no reason just ask Mr e ya kno and then ye
  6. well im not trying to get your hopes up but like 2 - ∞ days until the mods are fixed, debugged, world regen and possible? a new spawn soooooooo yea the 8th was a understatement of when it was going to be put up soooo, just kinda wait XD it will be up eventually well balanced and alll g000d in the h00d mah boi
  7. WELL if you are not aware they are doing a reset :3 im going to join in on this one as recently iv been getting back into minecraft and alike ill be getting a upgrade to god rank because demigod makes me feel less of a g0d + im looking for a person 2 team wit .3. so once it opens back up > legit today i think you should join and ask me .3.