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  1. we all know how your feeling madi, your not the only one -delta
  2. it depends on what you mean by "dying" JAC has been dying for around 6 months but its offically dead, ghost still can let go and is trying his hardest to keep it alive, which i really admire. come back in a month to see if its truly gone, only a matter of time before it grows or it falls -Delta
  3. and one more thing Madi, you banning me and muller was only taking away the last few people that have been here for a while and could have helped(if we wanted to, which is 90% no) think muller has been here for well over a year and i've been here around 8 months. but yea, dm me if you want a new teamspeak to chill on, sorry if i come of rude, just trying to make a point to you and everyone else who isn't getting the memo. -Delta
  4. just trying to figure out why my last post was disabled, i was just typing my honest opinion, is that wrong?
  5. also in the ban message it says "is that a threat" implying that me and prime were both being threatened. but star and DoublAA that was for the fun of it <3
  6. Madi, i hope we know we're just grape sodaing with you, and i feel that it is very sad honestly that you're sticking around acting like you still have a job or something when its a dead server. me and muller were on to prove this to you. kind of like how i banned volts permanently, then he started complaining, he then got your own partnering manager lofty and he didn't care because he realized that this server is a rundown piece of bad stuff and he wouldn't want to waste his time trying. but he can't anyways cause the perms are grape sodaed up with every rank anyways. Enjoy JAC -Delta
  7. Dear JAC staff AKA me, prime, josh, that one nice lady madi, and josh( hows Santos btw) I feel that i have been wrongly banned, on the date of 5/23/16 around 6:39PM i was banned for "abuse of powers." whilst on teamspeak that day, i was threatened with my life, and told i would be grape sodaed in the "buttpussy." I would then panic to not be grape sodaed in my tight buttpussy, i quickly reacted to this threat by permanently banning not just that weeaboo, but hunter as well, i banned hunter for "is that a threat" meaning, he threatening my baby daddy Prime. plz fix this Valve, sorry, plz fix JAC sincerely, Matty B Raps 8==D
  8. Pixelmon Tournament In 30 minutes (4/17/16) On our new tournament arena! built by me and techno! come and join us!
  9. Captain, get on ts, i need to talk to you about the reset, unless leone has already brought it up to you
  10. Hello pixelmon players, We are sorry that the server has been down for so long and we were trying the best we could to get it back up and here we are. pixelmon is officially back up! For being down for so long, we will be bringing back our /kit compensation! one use of various items that are rare/useful for all your pixelmon needs, also, we will be doing more and more events as time goes on and continuing our Tournaments once we get our player count to the way it was. Can't wait to see you on! -Glacierr
  11. i would go talk to bones and stiix about that
  12. why waste time replying to a stupid general disscussion post
  13. hello people of JAC (cringy af right) i would request to have a roblox server added to JACgaming. ROBLOX is fun for the whole family! i mean, you've already added advanced ROBLOX(Unturned), this would be a perfect fit! good luck -G
  14. well, its kind of like yours, complete waste of time to read because your are just dissing the server and making complaints about the server and its staff. also, it was just a joke and not used as a serious staff application because i generally don't like WA, as like this post. i wouldnt even expect my staff application to be put back up and expecting this topic to be closed/shut down aswell
  15. dear gold, my mod app was removed for no reason at all from the mod application section, i would like it back, if there is a problem regarding the mod application, please contact me instead of removing the mod application. if you are wondering about my father, yes, i knew him, and no, he didnt die in child birth, but, i never knew him best regards, saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dude