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  1. hand of ender can be disabled to prevent pickpocket so we already disabled that feature
  2. check chatbox
  3. I disabled it since it keeps going and going. right now you need to buy them from others
  4. highly compressed player data he will have to be reset
  5. Mines have been postponed until noon est of 1/31/17 due to a issue with group perms sorry for the wait donors will be given a small kit as compensation thx - mr.e
  6. MrElectroDubstep A.K.A Mr.E A.K.A Mr WA Boss Man
  7. It has of yet not been the official 48 hour mark for the mines so please bear with it
  8. Donor Mines can be Accessed monday
  9. Yes I Do I LOve CapsIng
  10. Well I know you all have been waiting and bugging us and going crazy on the forum so. ITS Official WE ARE LIVE! Come And Join Us On The Server Tonight For A Sweet Event And More!
  11. Well ill just say this: I will actually be playing this reset so get ready for some good old fashioned fun!
  12. 27 People have already figured out the mod list
  13. denied on the ships aether possibly familiars corrupt player data
  14. First off we don't know because this time we decided to not add core protect because we figured we could trust people and i didn't disable the use of right click so people can use their sigils and backpacks and bound tools and i figured they would be responsible and not greif an area we decided to give them access to so if you find out who we will take care of them and possibly reopen the mines. and we do not try to rule over you its just your fellow donator(s) decided to ruin it for others and non donors have been raiding the mines. Anywho if a staff member messes up the manager takes responsibility for it so ya you can calm down and sit down.
  15. We are back once again with Wizard Academy Update 4.0. We are sorry for the long wait. We hope you will forgive us. There were many trails and errors along the way and some of the mods we wanted to add didn't like the others so well. So on that note JUMP ON AND COME PLAY WITH US! We will also be doing a raffle once we reach 10 donations for Wizard Academy. We will give away a rank to 2 random players on the server and we will also have a massive drop party when this happens. With Love Wizard Acaemy Staff Team