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  1. if you stay up to date on our discord we post updates there
  2. Anyone up for custom zombies we play at least once a week. Pm me on here or on Discord.
  3. I disabled it since it keeps going and going. right now you need to buy them from others
  4. Well I know you all have been waiting and bugging us and going crazy on the forum so. ITS Official WE ARE LIVE! Come And Join Us On The Server Tonight For A Sweet Event And More!
  5. We are back once again with Wizard Academy Update 4.0. We are sorry for the long wait. We hope you will forgive us. There were many trails and errors along the way and some of the mods we wanted to add didn't like the others so well. So on that note JUMP ON AND COME PLAY WITH US! We will also be doing a raffle once we reach 10 donations for Wizard Academy. We will give away a rank to 2 random players on the server and we will also have a massive drop party when this happens. With Love Wizard Acaemy Staff Team
  6. We Are So Sorry Everyone. Sorry For The Long Wait FossilTech Is Back Up. Come on to Claim Your 3 One-time use Kits. We are Truly Sorry For The long Wait We Were Experiencing Issues With the map reset and had to make some changes i hope you will forgive us -FossilTech Staff
  7. JAC The Tech Is Now Live Feel Free To Come Join Us Server Is With The Pack Our Pack Is A Business And PVP Pack Its Based On Starting A Technical Empire And Proving Your Dominance To Others Some Of The Mods Include: Tinkers Construct Thermal Expansion, Draconic Evolution, Mekanisim, and AE2. PVP Is Everywhere But Spawn And The Cities.