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  1. Love you baby <3

  2. I agree with this post for the fact that it is simply easy to kill them using a fire spell or somthing of the sort and can only attack under shelter or in the night
  3. WA Hype
  4. While I was reporting the other player I'd just add another report while I was here. Offender : OfficialPimpster This happened awhile ago but I still think i should mention it He was using an excessive amount of Spam, Offending BazzaBro and my self and Multiple things about our fathers Screen Shots :
  5. I was on Wizard Academy and I found a Player called Its__Anthony offending plays, sexual offence, spam and advertising while i was off ( I wasent able to get screen shots of the advertise ) I tryed to warn him and tell him to stop repeatedly and then started trying to make fun of me in the public chat saying that I suck penis and other things that shouldnt be ( see on photo 5&6 ) The photos and screen shots explain alot about it them selfs so I wont explain anymore
  6. The server has been quite edgy for awhile now but dont worry! our amazing staff team already know of the promblem and are trying to get it fixed
  7. So I'm thinking of doing abit of whichery crafting but I dont know what it's about. is somebody up to explain through a crash course? thank you
  8. so ive been on this server for like a week or two now and recently its been closing on me and saying that I failed to connected because it 'timed out' or that i 'can't connect' overall. I was just wondering if this has been happerning to just me or others. thanks!
  9. if a admin can tp to in in there they can /co i it and see who the vitim is. hope this infomation helped!
  10. kemronb I will be there ( and lose ) Good luck everybody!