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  1. Hopefully its like the one we did last year
  2. Hey all, hope you all had an amazing New Years. Lets get straight to it, we are having an event on Jan. 6th, at 9pm EST. This event will be on the Lapitos Galacticraft Server. So you all must be wondering "What is the %&f@&6# event?!?!?" Our build team has worked hard to create for you a custom Death Run. This event will mix the old fashion fun of Death Run with the twist of the mods found in the Lapitos modpack. "What are the prizes?" Lots of prizes to be won, ranging from: Ranks, In-game Cash, etc. "Any requirements?" Yes.. We want our community to grow that is why we do these events. You are required to be on the official JAC Gaming Teamspeak to be eligible of the prizes(ts.jacgaming.com). I hope to see you all at the event and please invite your friends to join in on the fun. Thank you JAC Gaming Administrative Staff Team.
  3. Players, We are temporally shutting down the FossilTech Server, please do not be discouraged the server will be coming back Q1 of next year. The server unfortunately as of recent has been having some issues, we believe that a clean slate for the server would be the best point of action. Speaking about the modpack, as I have stated it will be reworked. We have a dedicated team already working on the pack, optimizing for you, the players needs. Again we apologize for the inconvenient timing but please bare with us while we try to make your FossilTech experience a greater delight. JAC Administrative Staff Team
  4. Not only are we doing a Texas Hold'em event at 5 PM est, but we are also doing a Minecraft event at 7 PM est on our JAC Event server(Vanilla 1.10 server). The event specifics will not be given out until the event starts, but it will be worth while; ranks, in game cash and more will be given out. Hope to see a lot of your faces. This event is for all ages we request any mature and adult content to be muted during this event(we want everyone to feel comfortable during this event).
  5. HELLO JAC COMMUNITY!!! On Friday March 18 JAC will be having a Teamspeak Event, on the JAC Teamspeak Server (ts.jacgaming.com) We will also be using the JAC Function server (jac.jacgaming.com) for some contest and events; Events like: JAC Voice, are you smarter than a JAC Manager, Wipe out, and trivia contests!! But you must be on teamspeak to participate in these events so come on Friday March 18 9:45 pm EST There will Giveaways and Prizes to be won ranging from Donator ranks to Free Steam Games!!! See you there JAC Administrative Staff Teamspeak Server: ts.jacgaming.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/jacgaming Technic Modpacks: http://www.technicpack.net/profile/1886432/modpacks
  6. Hey guys been a while since we did on of these. If you already couldn't tell we are transferring our servers to a different host. Now before everyone goes nuts, no all the servers will not go down at once, we will be transferring each server in phases, all of this will be through this evening and hopefully everything will be totally up and finished by tomorrow. Phase 1: Wizard Academy and Skyhype Phase 2: CDA, All other JAC servers Phase 3: MySQL and Teamspeak Phase 4: Website With this new host the door of possibilities opens up, not only that but we are told that we will receive better performance and connection for our EU and US players, compared to our previous provider. We also get better specs with the host, running: Memory 128GB DDR4/ Ungrouped Hard Drive Configuration: 480GB Intel S3500 SSD + 2 TB SATA / Ungrouped Processor: 3.5Hz Hexa-Core E5-1650 v3 Haswell Xeon/ Haswell We have 2 of those, with DDoS Portection Thank you for your patience and support, if you have any question please leave a message on the forums or look for a staff member on our Teamspeak (ts.jacgaming.com) Sincerely, Administrative Staff of JAC Gaming
  7. That is right folks Wizard Academy is back after it's unfortunate corruption, now returning with its newest chapter. With updated mods, and fixed bugs this will be a new and enjoyable experience. Remember how the mini map didn't work, now it does, with a new map entirely. Other mods have been removed to optimize your experience on the server, Big question here, Will you be a great Wizard or a tyrannical Warlock, the choice is up to you. Thank you JAC Administrative Staff
  8. Hey guys The next community meeting will be tomorrow Friday, 23 October. Come join the JAC Staff, and other community members in a discussion of news and ideas that are coming to JAC. Get your voice heard, you can tell us your ideas and concerns that you want to be brought to light. All you need to do is to be on JAC Gaming's Teamspeak (ts.jacgaming.com) @ around 8:30pm EST and join the Community Meeting Channel at the top of the Teamspeak. Thank you, and I hope to see you guys there. JAC Administrative Staff
  9. That is right everyone after all the asking all the pleading, JAC Gaming is finally going to be selling T-Shirts. T-Shirts will be coming in 3 colors: Grey, Blue, and Black. We will also be selling hoodies in the same colors. The clothing will have the original JAC logo either on the front or the back. We hope to see a lot of you sporting the merchandise, and if you want to show your JAC love send us a pic on twitter with your T-Shirt or Hoodie!!! JAC Administrative Staff Store link: http://www.redbubble.com/people/jacgaming/shop Twitter: https://twitter.com/JACGaming
  10. Interested in JAC related news? Feel like you want to be more "in" the community? Well here is your chance, starting tomorrow (Friday, October 2, 2015) We will be, from now on be having community meetings where players on our teamspeak can get the most update information straight from JAC Staff. Meetings are every Friday at 8:30 EST after the JAC Staff meeting. Hope to see you all tomorrow!!! JAC Administrative Staff Teamspeak3: ts.jacgaming.com
  11. JAC Gaming is proud to announce our new server Pixelmon Plus This modpack consists of, as you can guess, Pixelmon. With it, a multitude of cosmetic mods to make your Pixelmon adventure a bit more appealing to the eye. Our staff team has been working tirelessly to make your gaming experience an enjoyable one. With awesome gyms, a shop that can answer your needs, and an amazing world for you to build and enjoy with your friends. We would like to thank the community for all the support you have provided to us and we hope you have a joy filled time on our brand new Pixelmon Plus server. -JAC Administrative Staff Modpack Download: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ohgamings-pixelmon-plus.729429 Donate to the Server: http://jacdonate.com/pixelplus Our Teamspeak: ts.jacgaming.com
  12. this only affects active server transfers