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  1. my god never thought to see cricket stuff on the forums...... I dig it
  2. early access game 2-4 player co-op teamwork intense game I highly recommend this game to those who enjoy playing with group of friends, in a efficient strategic way. http://store.steampowered.com/app/307110/
  3. You still play league
  4. I can't believe I forgot to make a Smash forum, I will be making one soon then.
  5. what do you mean?
  6. I never knew you could play with others in games!?!?!??!
  7. Been getting bored as of recently playing the game by myself, looking for other players to play with if your interested just post here and we can talk about getting a MP section going.
  8. Hopefully its like the one we did last year
  9. Hey all, hope you all had an amazing New Years. Lets get straight to it, we are having an event on Jan. 6th, at 9pm EST. This event will be on the Lapitos Galacticraft Server. So you all must be wondering "What is the %&f@&6# event?!?!?" Our build team has worked hard to create for you a custom Death Run. This event will mix the old fashion fun of Death Run with the twist of the mods found in the Lapitos modpack. "What are the prizes?" Lots of prizes to be won, ranging from: Ranks, In-game Cash, etc. "Any requirements?" Yes.. We want our community to grow that is why we do these events. You are required to be on the official JAC Gaming Teamspeak to be eligible of the prizes(ts.jacgaming.com). I hope to see you all at the event and please invite your friends to join in on the fun. Thank you JAC Gaming Administrative Staff Team.
  10. We have considered this, it is not on our agenda as of current but we will eventually create one.
  11. Players, We are temporally shutting down the FossilTech Server, please do not be discouraged the server will be coming back Q1 of next year. The server unfortunately as of recent has been having some issues, we believe that a clean slate for the server would be the best point of action. Speaking about the modpack, as I have stated it will be reworked. We have a dedicated team already working on the pack, optimizing for you, the players needs. Again we apologize for the inconvenient timing but please bare with us while we try to make your FossilTech experience a greater delight. JAC Administrative Staff Team
  12. We always getting these suggestions, we won't neglect this considerate request. We will take it under consideration.
  13. To all players there is now a player complaints section, please use that area to post any and all issues you have with others. Any public complaints of players will be removed and a message will be sent to you to please use the correct form. http://jacgaming.com/index.php?/forums/forum/555-player-complaints/ Here is the link to the form
  14. The server was not getting the traction we'd like to see on our servers, essential what was left was a barren server that occasionally brought 3 or 4 players(not counting staff) maybe sometime in the coming future we could return to it, but as of current we have not made any plans for a return.