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  1. We are working on it.
  2. Support requests are usually the fastest method to get things fixed. Or Discord.
  3. Wo! Congrats on the promotion to manager, I'm gone for a week and the whole server that I work for changes! Congrats and I hope to see you often!

  4. lol
  5. Frankly, in my opinion, a sky block mode would be far more effective then a skyblock pack. When you get bored, you go back to your normal gaming experience and return to skyblock again in the future. I have never had a skyblock keep my interest for an extended amount of time.
  6. Use 4c (1 minute timer) as a template. Set the PRE value mentioned in 4c.5 to 60 instead of 6
  7. And that is why you guys need weekly backups with a short retention policy. If you had a backup, players would only loose up to a month when someone decides to mess up your systems.
  8. So how do we get into the JAC tourny?
  9. Well, world edit is fun, but it is not good at handling large amounts of transactions. Though the forge version seems to be more robust. (Not that it would help since it is written for 1.7.10)
  10. Well, I am in. I suck at poker and and don't play here anymore but I thought if Jac is doing poorly as of late, I might has well 'chip' in a bit.
  11. xD. I just hope we have a spawn and shops again after the reset.
  12. You must be rather low on cash then... xD
  13. Yep, it is easy to make a Modpack, it is hard to make a good one. Main reason I gave up making my own voltz based pack months ago and moved on to other packs. Remember... Minetweaker is your friend and as long as you program him right he will never fail you.
  14. Why ICBM and not defense tech. Defense Tech is the icbm from 1.6.4 ported to 1.7.10 by the creator of mechanism.
  15. lol