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  1. Wo! Congrats on the promotion to manager, I'm gone for a week and the whole server that I work for changes! Congrats and I hope to see you often!

  2. lol
  3. For those that don't know how to add mods to a pack, I found this tutorial for you. I also linked a download to optifine.
  4. Ascension Roadmap

    As you may or may not know, IDreams Ascension, rather silently went into public beta in January and we have been slowing moving towards our first release on March 31st. We have pretty much finalized the mod list by now but we recognize that we may have missed a few mods. I have created a forum thread in Ascension's forums specifically for those kinds of requests. For those that are new, IDreams Ascension is our planned successor to our aging IDreams Voltz pack. After our first release, we will begin focusing on bringing MFFS and Atomic Science to the pack.
  5. At this point in time, our mod list is pretty much finalized as we prepare for a public release. However, we admit there may be some mods we just overlooked. If you have a mod that you think will fit with the pack feel free to post it in the comments below. Make sure to include, the mod name, author, and website.
  6. Frankly, in my opinion, a sky block mode would be far more effective then a skyblock pack. When you get bored, you go back to your normal gaming experience and return to skyblock again in the future. I have never had a skyblock keep my interest for an extended amount of time.
  7. It is possible the server was restarting. This error usually means the server shut down and / or crashed between the time you clicked join and the time minecraft finished logging in. Unless this error is persisting, there is probably nothing wrong with either your client or the server.
  8. Use 4c (1 minute timer) as a template. Set the PRE value mentioned in 4c.5 to 60 instead of 6
  9. Works fine for me. Try reinstalling it. Also check your memory. Often time modded mine-craft will crash if you don't have enough ram. 4GB is the recommended for most packs.
  10. xD
  11. And that is why you guys need weekly backups with a short retention policy. If you had a backup, players would only loose up to a month when someone decides to mess up your systems.
  12. So how do we get into the JAC tourny?
  13. Though the 3k SS world border will make space stations less feasible and more raid-able. But since I stopped playing Voltz several months ago and only lurk on the forums, I cant say this effects me much. If I cared about my base, I would have logged in more. Good luck all and happy raiding.
  14. Well, world edit is fun, but it is not good at handling large amounts of transactions. Though the forge version seems to be more robust. (Not that it would help since it is written for 1.7.10)
  15. A warning would of been nice. Though I really don't care anymore since I left Voltz a long time ago for newer, better, and harder packs and currently have no plans on returning.