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  1. Can we please add Astroneer it is a fun space game that I would like to have someone to play this 1-4 player game with.
  2. LGM server is down! Why, why does it have to fail? #StopTheLag #StopTheCrash

  3. Do you guys have extra money or just want to help Jac Gaming do better? You can donate to them to help them get better servers {server boxes} and help reduce lag across the servers and improve the server gameplay for all. Donate here http://jacgaming.com/index.php?/clients/donations/

  4. How are you doing players of Jac Gaming?  What modpack do you play? What are some other games you play? Do you want to play some games with me? Reply and let me know, I would love to read and understand what players think of these things. I will most likely read them all! #CraftLife #GamingThug #WhatDoYouPlay


  5. Mistakes happen, but if I let the mistakes hold me back, then they will always hold me back. For this I want you to know that with my second chance to redeem myself, and I will try my best to not make a stupid mistake like that again. Let me try again and if I mess up again like I did then you can be mad, but I think if I really were to prove I won't do it again then I will have to show it. #SecondChance #LiveOrLetLive #PleaseDon'tHate

  6. why and how am how am I getting negative rep :{


  7. I want to play with someone that has the game and a dedicated server for it.
  8. Hello people looking at this and my profile. This is the Diamond dimension were I am the diamond and the diamond is me. Now be a diamond and help me shine. : )  '-' 'o'